Château Fourcas Hosten: Vineyards

Despite its name, Château Fourcas Hosten itself is not located in the little hamlet of Le Fourcas. Yes, they have vines there, and other buildings (pictured on the previous page), but the heart of the operation, including the château and elegantly refreshed cellars and 3 hectares of gardens, in an English style, are on the eastern periphery of the town of Listrac, not far from Château Saransot-Dupré.

Château Fourcas Hosten

There are 47 hectares of vines altogether, the soils a mix of 50% gravel over clay and deeper limestone, especially true of those vines in Le Fourcas, while the other 50% are planted on clay and limestone soils, with much less gravel. The gravelly soils tend to be planted with the classic left-bank varieties, namely Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, while the clay soils which lie closer to the château are naturally more favourable to Merlot.

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