La Ferme de la Sansonnière, 2022 Update

There are certain individuals among the body of Loire vignerons who deserve to be known, those who have earned the right to have their wines tasted at every opportunity. To my mind, Mark Angeli is without a doubt one such vigneron. Although I think he prefers the term paysan solidaire to vigneron, as he sees himself more as a peasant farmer, at one with nature and the land.

Mark has been influential not only in the drive towards more sustainable work in the vineyard, together with less intervention in the cellars, he has also developed a reputation as a facilitator and mentor to many of the young up-and-coming vignerons in the region. Many new names which have popped up in Anjou during the past ten or fifteen years have been able to establish themselves in the region thanks to the support offered by Mark Angeli.

La Ferme de la Sansonnière

I have in the past bought, consumed and greatly enjoyed some of Mark’s wines. I don’t want to turn too misty-eyed but some older vintages of La Lune afforded me some divine drinking experiences, and even his trademark rosé, Rosé d’un Jour, could be stunning. Curiously, however, this cuvée also displayed a tendency to spontaneously evaporate. The 2008 Rosé d’un Jour was one vintage which did just that; I remember a bottle to drink with dinner, but by the time dinner was served the bottle was empty, the contents seemingly having evaporated.

Oops. How did that happen?

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