La Ferme de la Sansonnière, 2020 Update

It is a reflection of Mark Angeli’s relevance to the wine scene in Anjou that I continue to taste with him on at least an annual basis. His wines have given me some exemplary drinking experiences over the years, not just various vintages of La Lune (a blended cuvée much more easily tracked down and added to the cellar than the more rarely seen single-vineyard cuvées) but a number of his other wines too. Take as an example the informatively named Rosé d’un jour; no other rosé has lodged itself in my drinking memory in the way this wine has. Twelve years on from pulling the cork on the 2008 vintage I have not yet never encountered another rosé which could match it.

La Ferme de la Sansonnière

It is not only through the wines he makes that Mark’s presence in this region has been felt. He has long offered support for young vignerons, assisting them in the identification and acquisition of parcels of vines for their own projects, as well the provision of no doubt freely given advice. Both have been invaluable in the ongoing development of this region, and Mark himself is thus one of a number of reasons (one of the others being favourable land prices, of course) that Anjou has grown into the exciting and interesting melting pot that it is today.

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