Richard Leroy, 2016 Update

I did have quite a good system going with my reports on the work and the wines of Richard Leroy. I stop off to taste with Richard every February, usually taking in the vintage currently well established in élevage, and soon to be bottled. Then, from my own cellar, I usually taste and report on the vintage two years prior to this. So last year, for example, I reported on 2013 and 2011, and the year before that 2012 and 2010. It all made for a rather neat series of reports on nearly-bottled and now-in-distribution wines.

Richard Leroy

Unfortunately the short vintage in 2012 has disrupted my little scheme. The restricted yields, while not as disastrously low as they were in 2008, combined with the wines making a stuttering appearance on the market, meant I slipped up and missed out on buying the 2012 vintage. Then, when I did track some down and duly ordered a few bottles, the merchant in question delivered more of the 2011 instead by mistake. By the time this was realised the 2012 was definitively sold out. The result is I have taken an enforced break from Richard’s wines in the 2012 vintage (although I have plenty of 2011s to play with).

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