Mai et Kenji Hodgson, 2015 Update

Although Montlouis has long been a hotspot for young would-be vignerons investing in vineyards and making wine for the first time, in recent years it has become increasingly clear that Anjou has, to some extent at least, served the same function. Partly it reflects the fact that vineyard land is not too expensive here (even if most still find themselves renting to start with), although the presence of several inspirational vignerons who are prepared to advise, mentor and nurture new talent must also have played some role. Richard Leroy is one, Didier Chaffardon is another, and let us not forget Mark Angeli. Unsurprisingly with this trio involved many of the incomers tend to work organically or biodynamically in the vineyards, and they often tend towards a more ‘natural’ philosophy in the cellars. Mai (pictured below) and Kenji Hodgson, previously profiled on Winedoctor, are prime examples. In their case Mark Angeli has been filling the role of the mentor.

Mai et Kenji Hodgson

The advantage of working in Anjou is that it offers a diverse array of opportunities in the vineyards, with different terroirs, and of course a great panoply of varieties to work with. So unlike Montlouis here we have not only Chenin Blanc, but also Grolleau and Cabernet Franc, and many other varieties too, although these are the three that are relevant here.

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