Domaine de la Chevalerie, 2016 Update

Although this is probably not the most famous domaine in Bourgueil – to be honest, I am not sure who should take that accolade, although I could draw up a half-decent shortlist – Domaine de la Chevalerie is one of the leading contenders. This is certainly true on the ground, in Bourgueil, as the late Pierre Caslot was an inspirational and hugely respected figure within the appellation. He was an instrumental figure in getting Bourgueillothérapie, the Bourgueil-based shindig off the ground, and this annual event has gone on to enjoy great success.

Domaine de la Chevalerie

I also think this is a significant domaine for consumers, particularly because the family have tended to hold back some of the wines they produce for release as they mature. A quick look around what UK merchants are listing at the moment reveals a good selection of vintages currently in the market, from 2014 back to 2006, with very few gaps. I get the feeling that most drinkers don’t cellar red wines from any of the Loire Valley’s appellations (well, most 21st-century wine drinkers don’t run a cellar at all), and so an encounter with a wine from Domaine de la Chevalerie can, for many, be their first experience of a maturing Cabernet Franc.

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