Domaine de la Butte

The modern history of Domaine de la Butte, on the slopes above Bourgueil and looking across to the shallow flood plain of the Loire, can perhaps be said to have begun a little further upriver, in Montlouis. It was there, during the 1980s, that Jacky Blot first cemented in place his reputation as a name to take note of at Domaine de la Taille aux Loups. He achieved this with just a few hectares of vines in Montlouis and later also in Vouvray; within a few years of his purchase he was turning out wines of exceptional quality, both sparkling and still, from dry to lusciously sweet, just as he still does today, several decades later.

Domaine de la Butte

Of course, whatever the style, the Montlouis appellation allows for only white wine. Many motivated vignerons are keen to try their hand at other styles though, and it is not unknown for folk in one Touraine appellation to look up or down the river a little in order to satisfy these urges. Yves Plaisantin at Domaine Jaulin-Plaisantin is one example, turning out a range of red wines within the Chinon appellation, but without any white vines planted he and business-partner Sébastien Jaulin choose to take fruit from the Montlouis appellation instead. For Jacky Blot, however, the direction of travel has been in the opposite direction; he remains based in Montlouis, but with the purchase of Domaine de la Butte in 2002 he now also runs one of the leading domaines within the Bourgueil appellation.

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