Domaine de Bellivière, 2015 Update

The vineyards of Jasnières and the Coteaux du Loir, which lie along the valley of the Loir (along with the Coteaux du Vendômois) are perhaps – even if just slightly – disadvantaged by their more northerly position when compared with the likes of Vouvray or Montlouis. A vigneron does not enjoy an easy life in any of these appellations, especially one wedded to organic or biodynamic viticulture, so that the ever-present threat of mildew can be warded off only with the spraying of copper- and sulphur-based applications, and none of the more powerful chemicals available to others.

Domaine de Bellivière

Eric Nicolas, of Domaine de Bellivière, has been hit hard by poor weather in recent years. In 2011 his harvest was severely curtailed by rot, and in the 2012 vintage the weather was so bad he made only 20% of his normal volume. The 2013 vintage was only slightly kinder, with a late flowering, summer rain and mildew, and a rain-soaked harvest. It was a vintage which saw a large percentage of the harvest channelled into sparkling wines or rosé.

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