Château Chasse-Spleen: The Division

Jean Joël André Gressier and his wife had a son, as did François Castaing and his wife (in fact they had seven children in total). The two cousins of note were André Gressier (1800 – 1865) and André Castaing (1776 – 1848). At some time around 1822 the estate was divided between the two branches of the family, although it was not a neat division creating two distinct properties, principally because the Castaing family were already notable landowners.

Château Chasse-Spleen

The Castaing family owned a huge estate which included vineyards which today we would refer to as Château Maucaillou and Château Poujeaux, the latter coming from vineyards André Castaing had acquired on July 18th, 1806. It has to be said that the vines they took from the Gressier family in the division of this estate merely added to this huge domaine. Those vines that remained with the Gressier family, meanwhile, are more easily traced.

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