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Château d’Epiré

Château d’Epiré

When looking at the vineyards of Savennières, it would be a crime to overlook Château d’Epiré, one of the grander and more noble domaines in the entire appellation. The imposing château is situated at the very heart of one of the appellation’s three communes, Epiré, and together with Château de Chamboureau, the vineyards of which are now part of Domaine FL, the two châteaux completely dominate the village and surrounding vineyards.

It is not just the grand château and the extent of the vineyards that immediately impress though. There is also the small matter of an unbroken seven generations of ownership in the hands of just one family, stretching right back into the mid-18th century. And with vines in some of the appellation’s best spots, including some that look down onto the Clos de la Coulée de Serrant (well, they would, if they could see over the wall) everything seems to be in place for Château d’Epiré to be one of the most significant names in the appellation.

Château d'Epiré

This profile explores the history of this domaine in detail, beginning with Louis Bizard, who first acquired the domaine seven generations ago. Thereafter, as is customary, I go on to look at the domaine today, with a detailed examination of the vineyards and winemaking.

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