Yannick Amirault, 2016 Update

I think it is true that within the Loire Valley, the reputation of Chinon does tend to overshadow the other red appellations of Touraine, which are led by Bourgueil and St Nicolas de Bourgueil. That is a shame, as there are some very dedicated vignerons here, in both appellations, and the terroir is no less interesting here than in Chinon. There are alluvial vineyards on gravel and sand, but there is also clay, and best of all there is limestone here too.

Yannick Amirault

If there is one vigneron I would propose provides good evidence of the interest waiting to be found in these appellations it would be Yannick Amirault. Not only are his wines of exceptionally high quality, they also prove that there is no merit in trying to perceive differences between the wines of Bourgueil and St Nicolas de Bourgueil. These two neighbouring appellations have exactly the same range of terroirs, running from the woodland above, to the alluvial palus below. As is the case in some other parts of France, it is not the appellation that matters, it is the vigneron.

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