Sébastien David, 2015 Update

I get the feeling that there is never a dull moment with Sébastien David around. I imagine that when the young up-and-coming vignerons of Montlouis, Vouvray, Bourgueil (and St Nicolas de Bourgueil of course) and Chinon decide to get together for a party, Séb’s name is first to be added to the list of invitees. There is a sense of fun and adventure in Séb, a characteristic which can be all too often missing from the world of wine, which is strange when we remember just what wine is for. Séb would undoubtedly bring his beaming smile and sense of humour to the party, and with any luck he might just bring along a few bottles of L’Hurluberlu or Kezako as well. These wines, dark yet vibrant, rich in fruit but also vigorous and full of freshening acidity, convey Séb’s sense of fun and adventure very well I think.

Sébastien David

The domaine is not a tiny one, Séb having 15 hectares of vines to his name. Until recently the fruit he picked largely made its way into one of three such cuvées, although with the addition of a new cuvée – tasted here from bottle for the first time – there is now a fourth to choose from. Each one has something to offer, even though some recent vintages have been less than kind to the vignerons from some of these aforementioned appellations.

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