Two from Château Pey La Tour, 2019

Château Pey La Tour is a rather wonderful old villa sat atop a rise near Salleboeuf, a little town in the Entre-Deux-Mers, that wedge of land squeezed between the Gironde and Dordogne rivers. This is a happy hunting ground in the Bordeaux region for those who seek out value for money as well as good quality in their wines. Just to the north we find Château Reignac, while to the south lie both Château Bauduc and Château Thieuley, all three exemplars for the combination of quality and value.

Château Pey La Tour

Acquired by Dourthe in 1990, the estate has a long history in the possession of several notable families, although for much of this time it was known as Château de La Tour (it is not difficult to imagine why a change in name, which came in 2002, was required). Under the direction of the team from Dourthe the property has seen significant investment, including a detailed study which resulted in the vineyard being divided into ninety plots. The vines sit on a rise of gravelly soils typical of the region, atop a deep bed of calcareous clay, and the survey facilitated a new parcel-by-parcel approach to the work in the vineyard, as well as the harvest and vinification.

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