Pierre Jacques Druet, 2010 Update

I continue my thankfully short programme of rescuing notes from the brink of irrelevance with this review of wines made by leading Bourgueil vigneron Pierre Jacques Druet. All the wines cited here were tasted on my visit to the Salon des Vins de Loire in February 2010.

Pierre Jacques Druet

Druet is one of Bourgueil’s leading winemakers, who I last visited in 2008. With my children in tow it turned out to be an eventful day. I have already given some account of my care in not driving over the top of his perhaps rather arthritic dog (since deceased, I am told, after it fell down the stairs). Druet was the epitome of tolerance with my children, setting out sheets of cardboard and chalks for them to entertain themselves, while we tasted to the tune of a discourse on guillage, the nobility of tannins and salt (see my Druet profile for more on this). My daughter decided to repay his kindness with a bout of explosive vomiting midway through our visit. We beat a hasty retreat, having tasted many of the wines, but without having seen his more atmospheric caves.

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