Château de Reignac: Vineyards

The domaine is located in Saint-Loubès, a commune on the banks of the Dordogne, near its confluence with the Garonne. This places it in the western zone of the Entre-Deux-Mers, so the estate’s local climate is heavily influenced by the presence of the two rivers that sit either side of it. It remains an expansive estate today, surrounded by a huge perimeter fence. Its position also means the vineyards have a geological complexity, as in essence they have elements of the terroirs that are associated with both the left and right banks, there being both gravel and limestone here.

Château de Reignac

Being more specific with regard to the terroir, geological study of the vineyard achieved with the excavation of eighty trenches has revealed the presence of Molasse du Fronsadais, Calcaire de Castillon, marl and gravel, and these are arranged in three significant terroirs. The altitude of the vineyards ranges from 22 to 42 metres, and at the highest point the first terroir consists of deep gravelly soils of Quaternary and Mindelian origin. Further down the slope, the second terroir is characterised by Molasse du Fronsadais, with superficial clay. Finally, on the southern sections, the third terroir is marl overlying Calcaire de Castillon.

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