Château de Reignac: The Montsec Era

It is not clear who inherited the seigneurie after André’s death in 1721. What is known that a major change came in 1739, when the estate and title was taken on, having presumably been sold, by Arnaud Martin de Montsec (died 1764). He married Jeanne Souchet (died 1767) and they had a son named Hyacinthe (1740 – 1741) but he died during infancy. They also had a daughter, Marie Catherine Martin de Montsec, and it was she that would carry forward the estate. On November 27th 1764 she married Guillaume Ignace de Bouchereau (born 1731), seigneur of Puitriault, Grand Corbin and Saint-Georges, in the chapel at Château de Reignac, the wedding presided over by Martin de Montsec, the curé of Monbazillac and presumably another family member.

Château de Reignac

Guillaume was a politically powerful figure; not only did he hold the aforementioned seigneuries, he was also Trésorier de France for the Guyenne region. In a system established by Henry III in 1577, each region of France had five trésoriers, their role being to collect taxes and thereby ensure the royal coffers were kept well topped up. In doing so, there was potential to establish considerable wealth for themselves. He and Marie Catherine had two children, including a daughter Marie Thérèze (1763 – 1826), and sponsors at her baptism included Louis Martin de Montsec, écuyer and seigneur of Reignac, Tisac and Lamothe-Saint-Loubès. Presumably he had inherited the Reignac seigneurie from Arnaud, although the Lamothe-Saint-Loubès seigneurie is known to have been acquired by the family in 1759.

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