Château Grand Village: The Verdery Dynasty

Jacques married Jeanne Marie Tolvie (1718 – 1795), and they had six children, of whom the most notable was Jean-Baptiste Verdery (1739 – 1816). He in turn married Marie d’Aubrey (1762 – 1850), and they gave Jacques and Jeanne five grandchildren including Jean-Pierre (born 1784), Jean-Jacques Philippe (born 1788), Jeanne Claire (born 1785) and Françoise Constance (1803 – 1874). The fifth child, Jean-Jacques, is the most relevant to the story of the estate though. Jean-Jacques Verdery (1783 – 1833), who seems to have inherited the property, married Catherine Lasvignes (1789 – 1849), the son of a négociant (as their family name might suggest). And they had just one son, named Jacques-Édouard.

Château Grand Village

It was Jacques-Édouard Verdery (1819 – 1899) who was responsible for the next phase of building at the domaine as a second wing, which enclosed a functional courtyard, was erected during the 19th century.

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