Château de Parenchère: Tasting & Drinking

As I have already intimated elsewhere, it is essential in Bordeaux that we look not just to the grandest names of the most famous appellations, but we should also look to less prestigious communes and appellations where value and regional typicity may be found in combination. Château de Parenchère is certainly one such estate, and one which I have known for a very long time, even if tastings of the wines over the past few years have been limited and rather sporadic!

Château de Parenchère

Today the wines remain consistent and appealing. The white would certainly stack up well if lined up in its youth against the wines of much grander châteaux. From the reds, the basic cuvée is good enough, although the Cuvée Raphaël has more substance, texture and oak; it is a more modern style, but certainly still recognisable as Bordeaux. It is certainly the wine I prefer of the two, but those looking for a more restrained and more typical style, perhaps for the dinner table where is less showy wine may be required, may well be content with the domaine cuvée. (20/12/12)

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