New – Search my Tasting Notes!

After several months of behind the scenes work I am very pleased to announce today the addition of a searchable database of tasting notes to Winedoctor.

Currently the majority of my tasting notes are held on the final page (or pages) of each of my Bordeaux and Loire Valley profiles, with a handful of others scattered across other tasting reports and my archive of older tasting notes. Until now the only way to locate a tasting note of interest was to navigate to each profile or report in turn, and scroll down to the vintage in question.

As from today, however, all my tasting notes can be pulled up on a single search page.

Search Results

The search terms can be as specific or broad as you like, allowing for both focused and wide-ranging searches. For example, a search for Talbot 1996 will pull up results solely on that wine, so no need to scroll to the right paragraph on the relevant page of my Château Talbot profile. Alternatively, searching for Clisson will bring up all my relevant notes, regardless of vintage or domaine, thus bringing together tasting notes from Domaine de la Pépière, Famille Lieubeau, Les Bêtes Curieuses, Bruno Cormerais and everyone else working in this cru communal on the same page.

For the moment, the search page can be accessed here (you need to be a subscriber, and logged in, to access the page). I have also added a link to the top menu on the home page.

The database contains all my tasting notes which are currently associated with a profile, which I estimate accounts for about 97% of Winedoctor notes. The other 3% are in found in other tasting reports, or in my slowly growing archive of notes (transplanted from my old website) from beyond Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. I will look at adding these to the database with time.

The database is new and built from scratch, so I welcome all feedback on it, especially on any errors you find. So if you spot any red Savennières, Château Ausone with the Sauternes appellation, or Sancerre from the 1786 vintage, or have any suggestions on how the search function can be improved further (there are a few developments I already plan), do please let me know.

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    Wot – no red Savennières!

    This is an excellent idea which saves time searching for notes which don’t appear on CT – like some Famille Lieubeau, for example: the Château Thébaud notes. I think the reason for their absence on CT is that the description is different – on CT, it is: “Famille Lieubeau Muscadet de Sèvre-et-Maine Château de L’Aulnaye Château Thébaud”.



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