New – Cellar Tracker Explosion!

A more correct title would be Cellar Tracker Integration News but that didn’t really express my excitement. So Cellar Tracker Explosion! (exclamation mark not to be omitted) it is.

Hot on the heels of the development and inauguration of my tasting notes database (admittedly that was over two months ago now, but in this year of continued ’slippage’ I’m determined to focus on the positives) today I’m pleased to say that Winedoctor is now fully integrated with Cellar Tracker as a subscriber-only provider of professional tasting notes.

Winedoctor on Cellar Tracker

I have always admired Eric LeVine’s development of Cellar Tracker; within nanoseconds of its release back in 2003 it seemed to me that it would become the benchmark for cellar organisation, and seventeen years later this has proven to be true. It does much more though; it also provides a huge repository of user-generated tasting notes, not to mention professional reviews. I joined Cellar Tracker as a provider of free-to-read professional reviews in 2011, and for several years I poured my tasting notes into Eric’s database. In recent years, however, I haven’t manage to maintain synchrony between the huge provision of Bordeaux and Loire Valley (and occasionally other) tasting notes on Winedoctor and those on Cellar Tracker.

This has now been put right, and having just sent Eric and his team about 19,000 tasting notes pulled from my searchable tasting notes database, Winedoctor is once again fully represented in Cellar Tracker. In keeping with Winedoctor’s subscription requirement the notes will of course only be visible to paid-up Winedoctor subscribers who link their account on Cellar Tracker to their Winedoctor account. This should I think be second nature to regular users of Cellar Tracker, and can be done in a couple of clicks from the My Subscriptions page.

And the next development for Winedoctor? Well I’ve got about 400 sample bottles of 2018 Bordeaux to work through. While I get on with those, subscribers should feel free to email me their suggestions.