Domaine Cady Fundraiser

Two weeks have passed since the devastating fire at Domaine Cady. The fire broke out during the evening of April 1st, and took many hours to get under control.

Domaine Cady Fire

It caused extensive damage to the cellars, the heart of any winemaking domaine. The buildings destroyed had housed the fermentation tanks, barrels, viticultural equipment, some current stock and the family’s library of older vintages.

Domaine Cady Fire

Very little remains, just a lonely amphora sitting in a sea of charred wood and rubble. It is heart-breaking to look at.

Domaine Cady Fire

A fundraising page has been launched for the Cady family. While buildings are easily insured, business continuity is not. The purpose of the fundraiser is to allow Alexandre Cady to buy in some grapes, and to rent somewhere to vinify them, in order to produce a 2021 cuvée of some sort. While, I assume, the cellars are rebuilt and re-equipped.

The fundraiser is here (links offsite to, a French fundraising platform):

The fund has a few thousand euros in so far, and could do with a few more. It would be amazing if Winedoctor readers could help Alex out at this time, even it is just with a few euros. Naturally I am going to lead by example. (15/4/21)

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  • Peter Keller

    Hi Chris, thanks for alerting us to this disaster.
    In my cellar there are various of their wines, all beautiful examples of true Loire quality.
    The fundraiser now stands at EUR 11.460, so a little help from us wine lovers is still welcome..

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