Château de La Dauphine buys Château Vrai Canon Bouché

News from Fronsac today, as the owners of Château de La Dauphine have purchased the 12-hectare vineyard of Château Vrai Canon Bouché, in Canon-Fronsac.

Château de La Dauphine (pictured below) is one of the most dynamic properties in the entire Fronsac appellation; a recent change of hands, considerable investment, a restructuring of the vineyard and a conversion to organics and biodynamics have all helped to elevate this property to the very top of the appellation. The grand vin, from the steep limestone slopes behind the château (and they really are steep – I have been running around them and they can be quite a challenge) is one of the right bank’s climbing stars.

Château de La Dauphine

Château Vrai Bouché is situated just to the west, atop the same slope on which the better vineyards of Château de La Dauphine are positioned. This gives it a commanding position looking out over the valley of the Dordogne, but it also means the vines have the same prestigious limestone terroir. Not just any limestone either, but the desirable calcaire à astéries. The vineyard is planted to 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Franc, the latter on the rise in recent years, several parcels having been replanted using vines propagated by sélection massale.

This is a significant move for Château de La Dauphine; the vineyard here is 53 hectares, but a large slice of this is on lower ground and therefore automatically downgraded to the second wine. The acquisition of Château Vrai Bouché therefore significantly increases the area of vineyard which has the potential required for the grand vin. And part of it is planted with good quality Cabernet Franc, useful in this ever-warming climate.

I think we shall be seeing higher quality and even greater consistency from Château de La Dauphine in future vintages – this remains an estate to follow with interest. (13/7/21)