Bordeaux 2020: My Plans Updated

Having published the majority of my reports on the big-name appellations (just Pomerol and one or two others to go) I thought I should update readers on the schedule of my Bordeaux 2020 reports.

My intention was to finish publishing my reports by this coming weekend, on either Sunday or Monday (stretching the definition of a weekend a little).

This would have required me to have published more updates than I have been able to manage by now. I have been defeated not only by some very large reports coming down the line, soaking up proof-reading time, but also by the ongoing arrival of samples. A couple of big-name right-bankers arrived Tuesday, then a handful of wines from Margaux, another handful from Margaux on Wednesday, a delivery of wines from St Emilion from some unfamiliar names on Thursday, not to mention two-dozen Sauternes samples.

Bordeaux 2020

And now, unforeseen circumstances mean I cannot update the site on Friday (the 14th) or Saturday (the 15th).

So there is a two-day intermission, and hopefully I will continue on Sunday, with Pomerol. Then some backfilling (adding in those Margaux and St Emilion notes) alongside my Weekend Wine report on Monday, followed by the white wines of Pessac-Léognan. After that come three huge reports, taking in everything else from the left bank (about 160 wines), the right bank (a similar number) and then all the wines with the generic Bordeaux appellation (again a huge report, with a surprisingly large number of wines) before we finish in an oasis of calm, with my Sauternes report.

And I will, of course, sum up, and point out a few of the most noteworthy wines, in Primeurs Picks.

After that I shall be having a short holiday! (13/5/21)