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Housekeeping: Winedoctor Security and GDPR

I take the security of Winedoctor subscribers seriously. This is why, when I set up the Winedoctor paywall, I engaged the services of Sagepay and Paypal to take all my payments off this site, on their own servers, with all the high level of protection these dedicated financial services deliver. Financial data (e.g. credit card numbers) are not handled by the Winedoctor server. That has always been the case, and will continue to be the case.

I am aware, however, that subscribers still submit personal information to Winedoctor, including name, a choice of password (which should of course be a password unique to Winedoctor and not the same as your banking password – this is a rule to follow with all websites) and an address. Even this data can be considered sensitive, and thus today I have upgraded the security level on Winedoctor. For the geeks, I installed an SSL certificate. For the non-geeks, you will see that Winedoctor’s URL is now https://www.thewinedoctor.com rather than http://www.thewinedoctor.com. The ‘s’ indicates a secure connection between my web server (where the website sits) and your browser, and guarantees the security of the information travelling between the two (your name, address and password).

Hopefully this will reassure subscribers that your personal information is safe when travelling through the ether.

As far as my testing of the site has determined, it all seems to work OK. But if you find a broken link, or a missing image, or if you have trouble logging in, do please email me (email button next to social media buttons on the left).

As for GDPR, the paywall software is being upgraded by the manufacturer to make it GDPR compliant. That’s enough said about that I think!

Thanks for reading, and happy drinking! – Chris