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Winedoctor: Privacy Policy

The following describes the approach to privacy taken by Chris Kissack, with particular regard to information gathered from subscribers. To raise a question relating to any of the following information concerning the Winedoctor privacy policy, please email me at chris@thewinedoctor.com.

Data collection and storage

Registration for access to pay-to-view content involves providing Chris Kissack with details of your name prior to payment. No details concerning address, telephone number or any other pieces of information are gathered. You will be required to chose a username and password that meets the stipulated requirement of Winedoctor. Details of name, username and password are stored in a secure password-protected database.

Financial information

In order to access pay-to-view content on Winedoctor a payment will be required, using debit or credit card. Payment is made through SagePay, a reputable online payment system. Data is transferred using secure SSL technology on the card payment website. Chris Kissack does not have access to, collect or store information regarding your credit or debit card. For more details on Sagepay processes, see their security policy.

Sharing of Data

Data provided by a subscriber in order to register and pay to access content on Winedoctor is not shared with any third party, although data may be shared with SagePay if it is required for SagePay to process payments. Your name and email address will not be divulged to anybody unless Chris Kissack is legally required to do so. In order to maintain data security Chris Kissack may need to verify your identity before issuing password reminders.

Use of Data

Chris Kissack may use the email addresses provided to contact subscribers and ex-subscribers. Subscribers may opt out of receiving emails in their profile page. Emails sent out will always have an 'unsubscribe' option in accordance with current required practices regarding email communications.


The software that controls access to pay-to-view content on Winedoctor places several cookies on the subscriber's computer. These contain pieces of data as follows:

Without the use of cookies the subscriber will not be able to access the pay-to-view content. Cookies are not used to track your activity, although the software does register details of when a subscriber last logged in, and the IP address(es) used by the subscriber.


Please email me at chris@thewinedoctor.com with any questions that arise from reading this privacy policy. Other contact details can be found within my terms and conditions.