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Saumur Succedaneum (27/3/15)
I cast the spotlight on two alternatives to Clos Rougeard.

Domaine Masson-Blondelet, 2015 Update (26/3/15)
I taste the latest and forthcoming releases.

Château Beau-Séjour Bécot (25/3/15)
The latest expanded and updated St Emilion profile.

Domaine du Clos Naudin Vouvray Sec 2010 (23/3/15) [free]
A top Vouvray, in an excellent vintage for dry wines.

Domaine des Baumard (21/3/15)
A massive profile overhaul, expanded to nine pages.

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This Weeks Featured Article

It says something of the location of Nantes, and of the Muscadet region, that the history of Bonnet-Huteau does not feature the Counts or Dukes of Anjou, the powerful noblemen who resided and ruled in the ancient region of Neustria, which covered most of Western France - excluding Brittany - from the 5th century........
Read on in my new profile of Bonnet-Huteau, a very fine biodynamic domaine in Muscadet. (24/3/15)

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Bordeaux 2014 Primeurs: Prologue (30/03/15)
I arrived in Bordeaux early Saturday morning. It wasn’...
Bordeaux 2014 Primeurs (27/03/15)
I leave this evening for Bordeaux, in order to taste and rep...
Checking in on . . . Herbert Hall Brut 2012 (26/03/15)
The sparkling wine scene in England continues to make waves,...
Critics: The Primeurs Marketing Machine? (20/03/15)
The world’s wine eyes are beginning to turn towards Bo...
Bordeaux 2014: Prices will Rise (13/03/15)
The 2014 Bordeaux primeurs draw near. The almost traditional...

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Site Update Archive


Château Bellefont-Belcier (20/3/15) A new profile.
Domaine de la Pépière Update (19/3/15) I taste the latest releases.
Château Charmail (18/3/15) A worthy Haut-Médoc estate.
Domaine des Baumard Update (17/3/15) A Papillon vertical & more.
Les Trois Petiotes Côtes de Bourg 2010 (16/3/15) [free]
Domaine du Haut Bourg, 2015 Update (14/3/15) Four new releases.
Pomerol 2005 (13/3/15) Great quality, closing thoughts.
St Emilion 2005 (13/3/15) Rrom the over-cooked to the magnificent.
Pessac-Léognan 2005 (12/3/15) A very fine, top-heavy selection.
Margaux 2005 (12/3/15) A broad spread of quality.
St Julien 2005 (11/3/15) Fabulously cerebral style.
Pauillac 2005 (11/3/15) Some stunning wines.
St Estèphe 2005 (10/3/15) A superb start.
Bordeaux 2005 (10/3/15) Tasted at ten years.
Verdier-Logel C. du Forez Cuvée des Gourmets 2014 (9/3/15) [free]
Château Bastor-Lamontagne (7/3/15) New historical detail.
Dinner at Château Faugères (6/3/15) Faugères Blanc & more.
Château Belle-Rive (5/3/15) My profile updated.
Château Bélair-Monange (4/3/15) An expanded profile.
Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu (3/3/15) A 20-year celebration.
Château Lassègue 2006 (2/3/15) [free]


Ondine (28/2/15) [free] Tip-top seafood spcialist.
Château Belgrave (27/2/15) A new and expanded profile.
Central Vineyards 2014 (26/2/14) My final report.
Bordeaux 2002 (25/2/15) Eight wines at 13 years.
Touraine 2014 (24/2/15) More Loire 2014.
Sylvain Gaudron Vouvray Le Grain d'Or 2010 (23/2/15) [free]
Prince Poniatowski (21/2/15) A refreshed profile.
Anjou 2014 (20/2/15) Fine potential in dry white and red.
Château Cantin (19/2/15) A peripheral St Emilion estate.
Muscadet 2014 (18/2/15) Wines of minerally potential.
Loire 2014 (17/2/15) My introduction to the vintage.
Domaine de la Pépière Clisson 2012 (16/2/15) [free]
Terroirs (14/2/15) A return visit. [free]
Château Belle-Vue (13/2/15) A new profile.
Jonathan Pabiot, 2015 Update (12/2/15) The latest releases.
Château Cap de Faugères (11/2/15) A new profile.
Antoine Sanzay (10/2/15) New profile, new notes. (10/2/15)
François Pinon Vouvray Moelleux 2003 (9/2/15) [free]

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Recent Loire

Alphonse Mellot
A new, greatly extended profile. (27/1/15)

La Ferme de la Sansonnière
An extensively updated domaine profile. (23/1/15)

Domaine des Aubuisières
I report on five older wines. (21/1/15)

Eric Morgat
A new profile, and new notes. (9/12/14)

Recent Bordeaux

Cru Classé de Graves
I revisit the 1998 & 2007 vintages. (13/1/15)

The Mitjavile Portfolio
Six wines from François & Louis. (9/1/15)

Le Pin
An extensive new 7-page profile.(31/12/14)

My profile expanded to seven pages. (4/12/14)