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Château Belle-Rive (5/3/15)
My profile of this Quarts de Chaume domaine updated.

Château Bélair-Monange (4/3/15)
An expanded and updated St Emilion profile.

Château Lassègue 2006 (2/3/15) [free]
I get to grips with this St Emilion, in the modern style.

Ondine (28/2/15) [free]
Roy Brett's cooking, Jonathan Pabiot's wine.

Château Belgrave (27/2/15)
A new and expanded profile for this Haut-Médoc classed growth.

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This Weeks Featured Article
Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu: A Twenty-Year Celebration

Lying just to the west of the more familiar Muscadet Sèvre et Maine appellation, which is by far the largest of the three subregional appellations in the Muscadet region, we find the vineyards of Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu. Although simple maps tend to suggest that the two regions are comparable in size, nothing ........
Read on in my new article on Muscadet Côtes de Grandlieu: A Twenty-Year Celebration, a report from a special tasting to celebrate twenty years since the birth of this appellation (3/3/15)

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Salon des Vins de Loire 2015 day 3 (05/02/15)
Well that is the annual Salon des Vins de Loire over for ano...
Salon des Vins de Loire 2015 day 2 (04/02/15)
The more meticulously you plan things, the more likely they ...
Salon des Vins de Loire 2015 day 1 (03/02/15)
I’m not sure it is possible to taste more Muscadet, Sa...
The Salons of Angers (02/02/15)
There’s a change to the usual programme of updates on ...

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Site Update Archive


Central Vineyards 2014 (26/2/14) My final report.
Bordeaux 2002 (25/2/15) Eight wines at 13 years.
Touraine 2014 (24/2/15) More Loire 2014.
Sylvain Gaudron Vouvray Le Grain d'Or 2010 (23/2/15) [free]
Prince Poniatowski (21/2/15) A refreshed profile.
Anjou 2014 (20/2/15) Fine potential in dry white and red.
Château Cantin (19/2/15) A peripheral St Emilion estate.
Muscadet 2014 (18/2/15) Wines of minerally potential.
Loire 2014 (17/2/15) My introduction to the vintage.
Domaine de la Pépière Clisson 2012 (16/2/15) [free]
Terroirs (14/2/15) A return visit. [free]
Château Belle-Vue (13/2/15) A new profile.
Jonathan Pabiot, 2015 Update (12/2/15) The latest releases.
Château Cap de Faugères (11/2/15) A new profile.
Antoine Sanzay (10/2/15) New profile, new notes. (10/2/15)
François Pinon Vouvray Moelleux 2003 (9/2/15) [free]


Roc de Cambes (30/1/15) Leading Côtes de Bourg estate.
Didier Chaffardon (29/1/15) Anjou, in a naturalista style.
Château Péby Faugères (28/1/15) A St Emilion super-cuvée.
Alphonse Mellot (27/1/15) A new, extended profile.
Bernard Baudry Chinon Le Clos Guillot 2010 (26/1/15) [free]
Domaine des Rochelles, 2015 Update (24/1/15) More new notes.
La Ferme de la Sansonnière (23/1/15) An updated profile.
Château Faugères (22/1/15) A brand new profile.
Domaine des Aubuisières (21/1/15) Five older wines.
Domaine des Rochelles (20/1/15) A newly expanded profile.
Champalou Vouvray 2010 (19/1/14) [free]
Sébastien David, 2015 Update (16/1/15) Recent tastings.
Château Gaudrelle (15/1/15) An extended profile.
Vieux Château Certan (14/1/15) I overhaul my profile.
Cru Classé de Graves tasting (13/1/15) 1998 & 2007.
Alphonse Mellot Sancerre Blanc La Moussière 2013 (12/1/15) [free]
The Mitjavile Portfolio, 2015 (9/1/15) Six wines.

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Recent Loire

Eric Morgat
A new profile, and new notes. (9/12/14)

Domaine des Sablonnettes
I profile this cult Anjou domaine. (2/12/14)

Domaine du Clos Naudin
A new, extended, 7-page profile. (25/11/14)

Charles Joguet
A new profile and new tasting notes. (18/11/14)

Recent Bordeaux

Le Pin
An extensive new seven-page profile.(31/12/14)

My profile expanded to seven pages. (4/12/14)

Domaine de Chevalier
I visit and taste five recent vintages. (23/10/14)

Clos des Lunes
Dry Sauternes, from Olivier Bernard. (9/10/14)