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Melon de Bourgogne (4/10/15)
My guide to the Loire continues with a treatise on this variety.

Domaine Mélaric, 2015 Update (3/10/15)
Eight recent releases, including two sweet wines.

New in Sancerre: Vincent Gaudry (2/10/15)
Super biodynamic wines from Sury-en-Vaux.

Château Pavie-Decesse (1/10/15)
I profile this domaine, which sits atop the Côte de Pavie.

Sébastien Brunet, 2015 Update (30/9/15)
Seven wines, mostly 2013 & 2014.

Domaine des Deux Vallées Savennières 2012 (28/9/15) [free]
Savennières for beginners.

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This Weeks Featured Article
Domaine de Rocheville

The concept of the première côte is one I suspect most readers are familiar with, although Saumur-Champigny is perhaps not the first appellation that pops into my mind in association with this phrase. The term is used most commonly with reference to Vouvray, where it has long been recognised that it is the vineyards that look .........
Read on in my profile of Domaine de Rocheville, an exciting newly-discovered domaine on Saumur's première côte. (29/9/15)

Recent Blog Posts
Minna Vineyard Red 2008 (29/09/15)
It will come as no surprise to learn that I drink a lot of w...
Terroir and Yeasts Revisited (28/09/15)
Once I learnt of it, and really began to understand what it ...
News on the 2016 Salon des Vins de Loire (23/09/15)
In recent times I have had concerns for the Salon des Vins d...
New Crus Bourgeois Classification Announced (22/09/15)
A couple of years ago, in my 2010 Cru Bourgeois report, I la...
Say Goodbye to the Ads (15/09/15)
Good news today for those that loathe the little animated, f...

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Site Update Archive


Château Pavie (27/9/15) A huge overhaul of my profile.
The Honours (26/9/15) Mystery cheeses at this restaurant. [free]
New in Sancerre: Vincent Grall (25/9/15) A Sancerre garagiste.
Pithon-Paillé (24/9/15) A huge update to my profile.
Château Cambon la Pelouse (23/9/15) A top Cru Bourgeois estate.
Château du Hureau (22/9/15) A new, expanded profile.
Domaine de Rocheville Le Page 2014 (21/9/15) [free]
Chenin Blanc (20/9/15) Diversity and longevity.
Château Branaire-Ducru (19/9/15) Some recent vintages tasted.
Domaine de Juchepie (18/9/15) Six wines, new and old.
Le Clos de la Meslerie (17/9/15) A tasting update.
Château La Gaffelière (16/9/15) My profile expanded.
New in Sancerre: Pierre Morin (15/9/15) Top Sancerre, from Bué.
Domaine de la Noblaie Chinon Blanc 2014 (14/9/15) [free]
Château Ausone (13/9/15) My profile expanded.
Le Puy à Vins (12/9/15) Fine-dining, in Le Puy-Notre-Dame. [free]
New in Anjou: Château de Bois Brinçon (11/9/15)
Château La Lagune (10/9/15) My profile expanded to seven pages.
Richard Leroy (9/9/15) A report on 2013 and 2011.
The Neipperg Portfolio (8/9/15) Eighteen wines tasted.
Château Brown Blanc 2013 (7/9/15) [free]
Sauvignon Blanc (6/9/15) Origins, history, literature and wine.
Loire Varieties (6/9/15) The diversity of the Loire's varieties.
Clau de Nell (5/9/15) I update my profile.
Clau de Nell, 2015 Update (5/9/15) I report on five wines.
Château d'Epiré (4/9/15) My profile updated.
Château Quinault L'Enclos (2/9/15) Another LVMH St Emilion estate.
New in Saumur: Domaine Guiberteau (1/9/15)


Sébastien Bobinet (3/9/15) Six of Séb's latest releases.
Domaine Vacheron Sancerre Belle Dame 2010 (31/8/15) [free]

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Recent Loire

The four most popular recent Loire updates.

Clos la Néore
I meet up with Anne Vatan in Chavignol. (25/8/15)

Gérard Boulay
A tasting update; four recent releases. (21/8/15)

Domaine Thomas-Labaille
Top wines from Jean-Paul Labaille. (18/8/15)

Domaine Richou
I profile this fine organic domaine. (13/8/15)

Recent Bordeaux

The four most popular recent Bordeaux updates.

Château Haut-Brion
My profile expanded to nine pages. (19/6/15)

Château Gilette
A unique Sauternes estate profiled. (9/6/15)

Château Canon
A retrospective tasting, 2014 - 2000. (2/6/15)

Château L'Église-Clinet
A retrospective tasting, 2005 - 1995. (19/5/15)

Wine & Dine

Four recent restaurant visits. All are free to read.

Le Puy à Vins
A fine-dining surprise, in Le Puy-Notre-Dame. (12/9/15)

The Pompadour by Galvin
Impresseive, top dining in Edinburgh. (29/8/15)

Le Pot de Lapin
Fun and informal dining in Saumur. (15/8/15)

Mark Greenaway
Dinner in Edinburgh's new town. (1/8/15)