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Domaine de Bablut, 2015 Update (28/5/15)
The latest wines from this fine and under-rated domaine.

Château Bourgneuf (27/5/15)
Pomerol from the Vayron family; a new Bordeaux profile.

Pierre Jacques Druet Bourgueil Les Cent Boiselées 2009 (25/5/15)
The scents of summer call for a suitable red. [free]

Loire Wine Guide: History (24/5/15)
The next instalment in my new guide.

Domaine de la Pépière (23/5/15)
New detail on Quatre, Gorges and Monnières-Saint-Fiacre.

Mai et Kenji Hodgson, 2015 Update (22/5/15)
Three wines from this organic duo.

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This Weeks Featured Article
Domaine Ogereau, 2015 Update

A visit to Anjou doesn't feel complete without checking in on Domaine Ogereau. This is one of the region's stalwarts, its reputation really established by Vincent Ogereau, who for more than two decades has been turning out a very fine array of wines from an increasingly broad range of appellations. This is one.........
Read on in my Domaine Ogereau 2015 Update, in which I meet up with Emmanuel Ogereau and taste all the latest releases, and hear some exciting news on the expansion of the domaine. (26/5/15)

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Criticism: How the Big Boys deal with it (15/05/15)
It’s not fair to have a go at Bordeaux all the time is...
Exploring Sherry #9: Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos (13/05/15)
My Sherry explorations continue, and recently I alighted upo...
What Erasmus says on Bordeaux 2013 (08/05/15)
“Taken out of context I must seem so strange” sa...
Checking in on . . . Minna Vineyard Blanc 2011 (07/05/15)
A momentary diversion from the Loire and Bordeaux now, as I ...

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Site Update Archive


Château Couhins-Lurton (21/5/15) Wines from the Lurton family.
Domaine Laporte, 2015 Update (20/5/15) Four wines, 2014 to 2010.
Château L'Église-Clinet 2015 Retrospective (19/5/15) 11 wines.
La Petite Église 2005 (18/5/15) [free]
Loire Wine Guide (17/5/15) A new multi-part guide.
Château Latour, 2015 Releases (16/5/15) From 2011, 2008 & 2003.
La Ferme de la Sansonnière, 2015 Update (15/5/15)
Château Quintus (14/5/15) My latest St Emilion profile.
Domaine des Herbauges, 2015 Update (13/5/15) The 2014 vintage.
Domaine des Forges (12/5/15) New profile, new notes.
Pierre Gimonnet Champagne Gastronome 2002 (11/5/15) [free]
Château Pichon-Baron (10/5/15) New detail on Les Griffons.
Martin Wishart (9/5/14) A restaurant review. [free]
Château Canon (8/5/15) Another renewed St Emilion profile.
Jo Landron, 2015 Update (7/5/14) The latest releases.
Clos Puy Arnaud, 2015 Update (6/5/15) Four recent releases.
Domaine Cady (5/5/15) A new profile of this domaine.
François Pinon Vouvray Première Trie 2003 (4/5/15) [free]
Château Montlandrie (3/5/15) My profile updated with new images.
Domaine de la Bergerie (2/5/15) An expanded profile.
Château Barde-Haut (1/5/15) A new St Emilion profile.


Domaine de la Bergerie, 2015 Update (30/4/15) Ten wines tasted.
Château Couhins (29/4/15) A new Pessac-Léognan profile.
Famille Lieubeau (28/4/15) A Muscadet empire.
Pithon-Paillé Anjou Blanc Mozaïk 2009 (27/4/15) [free]
Les Vignes Herbel (26/4/15) An update to my profile.
The Gardener's Cottage (25/4/15) A restaurant review. [free]
Primeur Picks 2014 (24/4/15) Bordeaux Groundhog Day.
AC Bordeaux 2014 (23/4/15) An eclectic mix of wines.
Castillon & Co. 2014 (22/4/15) Wines from the right bank.
Pessac-Léognan 2014 (21/4/15) 49 wines, red & white.
Domaine de la Robinière Vouvray Bel-Air Sec 2013 (20/4/15) [free]
Haut-Médoc 2014 (19/4/15) Two dozen wines.
Médoc 2014 (18/4/15) A 2014 micro-report.
Sauternes & Barsac 2014 (17/4/15) A fine, acid-etched vintage.
Pomerol 2014 (16/4/15) A vintage weak spot.
St Emilion 2014 [2] (15/4/15) Grand Cru Classé & Grand Cru.
St Emilion 2014 [1] (14/4/15) Premier Grand Cru Classé.
Ampelidae Le K 2005 (13/4/15) [free]
Moulis & Listrac 2014 (12/4/15) Lesser terroirs.
Margaux 2014 (11/4/15) Some good results here.
St Julien 2014 (10/4/15) A rather cooler style.

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Recent Loire

Saumur Succedaneum
Two alternatives to Clos Rougeard. (27/3/15)

Domaine Masson-Blondelet
I taste the latest releases. (26/3/15)

A biodynamic Muscadet domaine. (24/3/15)

Domaine des Baumard
Ten vintages of Clos du Papillon & more. (17/3/15)

Recent Bordeaux

Bordeaux 2014
My primeurs report - 380+ wines tasted. (7/4/15)

Bordeaux 2005
Over sixty wines at ten years of age. (10/3/15)

Bordeaux 2002
Eight wines tasted at 13 years of age. (25/2/15)

Cru Classé de Graves
I revisit the 1998 & 2007 vintages. (13/1/15)