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Weekend Wine

My regular Weekend Wine update looks at wines which I hope, for one reason or another, will pique your interest. I don't really intend my reports to be seen as buying recommendations, but if you choose to view them that way then you should be able to find most of the featured wines for sale, somewhere, using the links at the foot of each review. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that some wines will prove difficult to track down.

Weekend Wine

Some of the wines are pulled from my cellar after many years of slumber, and may thus have disappeared from the marketplace. Others are young, and just arrived, and thus may be a little easier to find. Others are just not that well distributed though, especially those bottles I have acquired at the cellar door, or from some obscure French caviste I have encountered on my travels.

Below are my weekly choices for the current year. Expect a strong focus on Bordeaux and the Loire, these two regions being a major focus for me, but I will try (and more often than not fail) to add a little diversity, with occasional appearances from the Douro, Rioja, Champagne and the like. (14/7/06, last updated 4/1/16)

Weekend Wines 2017

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