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Château Gazin, 2015 Update (28/8/15)
Five wines and an update from Christophe de Bailliencourt.

François Crochet, 2015 Update (27/8/15)
Including two new cuvées from Bué. Top quality too.

Château Lanessan (26/8/15)
A very fine, insider's wine from the Haut-Médoc.

Château de Montfort Vouvray Demi-Sec 2013 (24/8/15) [free]
A small window onto a Vouvray empire.

Loire Valley Viticulture: Philosophies (23/8/15)
A look at Loire viticulture through the 20th century, and today.

Patrick Baudouin, 2015 Update (22/8/15)
Five wines, young and old, from this top domaine.

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This Weeks Featured Article
Clos la Néore

I read the response to my enquiry with hope. "Do you know the house with the grey shutters in the centre of Chavignol?" it asked. I have to confess, although I have visited this famous hamlet just a stone's throw from the town of Sancerre several times, I am not familiar with the decor of all the maisons that line the........
Read on in my new profile of Clos la Néore. I visit the domaine to meet Anne Vatan and Nady Foucault, to learn their story, and to taste Anne's (and her father Edmond's) wines. (25/8/15)

Recent Blog Posts
The Wine and Health Tedium: A Self-Help Programme (21/08/15)
This week has seen yet another round of wine and health stor...
Exploring Sherry #12: Gonzalez Byass Fino Delicado (18/08/15)
In more than fifteen years of writing on Winedoctor I have a...
Drink the Wines you Care About (31/07/15)
When I first started getting into wine I looked for guidance...
A New Vinho Verde (17/07/15)
I’m a sucker for a little bit of spritz. Wines with a ...
A Summer Break: Sunshine & Saumur (03/07/15)
Now summer has arrived (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) ...

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Site Update Archive


Gérard Boulay, 2015 Update (21/8/15) Four recent releases tasted.
Clos Fourtet (20/8/15) Another St Emilion profile update.
Philippe Delesvaux (19/8/15) An expanded profile, and new notes.
Domaine Thomas-Labaille (18/8/15) Top-quality Chavignol.
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre d'Antan 2011 (17/8/15) [free]
Domaine Vacheron (16/8/15) A profile update.
Le Pot de Lapin (15/8/15) Informal dining in Saumur. [free]
The Mitjavile Portfolio, 2015 (14/8/15) Five wines from François.
Domaine Richou (13/8/15) A fine organic domaine in Anjou.
Château Bouscaut (12/8/15) My profile updated.
Domaine Didier Dagueneau (11/8/15) A tasting, 2012 back to 1996.
Domaine de Montgilet Clos Prieur 1998 (10/8/15) [free]
Loire Valley Viticulture: Vine Disease (9/8/15) My guide continues.
Loire 2002 Revisited (8/8/15) A baker's dozen from 2002.
Loire 2002 (8/8/15) A 2002 recap for the Loire Valley.
Château La Lagune (7/8/15) An update; three recent vintages.
L'If (6/8/15) Le Pin's little brother, by Jacques Thienpont.
Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy (5/8/14) An update, tasting 2013 & 2012.
Château Rauzan-Ségla (4/8/15) A retrospective, back to 1998.
Château d'Epiré Savennières Le Hu Boyau 2012 (3/8/15) [free]
Jonathan Maltus (2/8/15) An update with new images.
Mark Greenaway (1/8/15) [free] A restaurant review.


Sébastien Riffault, 2015 Update (31/7/15) Recent releases tasted.
Nicolas Joly (30/7/15) My profile expanded to 7 pages.
Château Fonbadet (29/7/15) A notable Pauillac cru bourgeois.
Domaine FL (28/7/15) New profile & notes.
Domaine Cady Cuvée Volupté Grains Nobles 1999 (27/7/15) [free]
Domaine de Bellevue (3/7/15) The wines of Jérôme Bretaudeau.
Château de la Genaiserie (2/7/15) I update my profile.
Château Figeac (1/7/15) A newly expanded profile.


Château Soucherie (30/6/15) Leading Anjou domaine.
Domaine Huet Vouvray Pétillant 2010 (29/6/15) [free]
Château Cos d'Estournel (28/6/15) An update with new detail.
Domaine Philippe Gilbert (27/6/15) Five recent releases tasted.
Château Climens, 2015 Update (26/6/15) Five recent vintages.
Vine Revival (25/6/15) Vincent Caillé & Christelle Guibert.
Château Lassègue (24/6/15) Wines from Pierre Seillan.
Domaine Vacheron 2015 Update (23/6/15) Including new cuvées.
Jérémie Mourat Clos Saint-André 2012 (22/6/15) [free]
Loire Wine Guide: Climate (21/6/15) The latest instalment.
Château Pierre-Bise (20/6/15) An expanded profile.

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Recent Loire

Domaine Le Fay d'Homme
I taste the wines of Vincent Caillé. (18/6/15)

Château Pierre-Bise
I taste the latest vintages from Claude. (16/6/15)

Domaine de l'Ecu
A 2015 update, including Faust & Invictus. (29/5/15)

Domaine Ogereau
A 2015 update, with 13 wines tasted. (26/5/15)

Recent Bordeaux

Château Haut-Brion
My profile expanded to nine pages. (19/6/15)

Château Gilette
A unique Sauternes estate profiled. (9/6/15)

Château Canon
A retrospective tasting, 2014 - 2000. (2/6/15)

Château L'Église-Clinet
A retrospective tasting, 2005 - 1995. (19/5/15)