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Here I provide links to only the very best wine-related sites online concentrated into four categories; first my sponsors, and then three groupings focusing on opinion, resources and merchants.

Wine Forums

Self-help groups for winos! Most are free to use and merely require registration. Some are behind paywalls.

Useful Bordeaux Resources

I don't try to be comprehensive, but here are a few links to sites that I have found useful or enjoyable over the years. These are personal as well as commercial and official sites.

Useful Loire Valley Resources

Again, not intended to be comprehensive, or a list of links to thousands of different domaines. Just a handful of sites I have found useful or enjoyable over the years. The sites listed can be commercial, official or personal.

Wine Opinion

Whether the writing is very personal and free, as in the case of many blogs, or more commercial, as with the sites of a number of established wine writers, I link to the best examples of all here.

Other Useful Resources

Here are a small handful of useful links to the websites of official bodies, wine-related charities, magazines, education sites and other resources.

Wine Merchants

These websites belong to merchants based in the UK or who deliver to the UK. Most sell solely wine, but one or two are concerned with wine-related paraphernalia including books, glassware, wine storage, wine travel and more. For links to my sponsors, see the listing at the top of the page or see my information for Winedoctor sponsors.

Placement of a link of The Winedoctor does not constitute an endorsement of a commercial website. Always ensure a company is reputable before placing an order.