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Château Batailley: Tasting Notes

Château Batailley: Tasting & Drinking

But what of the wines? Until recent years Château Batailley had something of a reputation as a drinker’s claret, a no-fuss bottle, the purchase of which would not break the bank. Cousin (or should that be sibling) Château Haut-Batailley has much the same reputation, yet perhaps, in my experience at least, has in the past offered better value for the money spent. The wines of Batailley were enjoyable, but the style tended towards a rather solid, full and blustery tweed-jacket of a wine; it did not impress with its huge depth and complexity, or with its seductive spice, or with its silky, elegant texture, as some other wines of the commune may do from time to time. The 1995 was a very good example of this, a nice wine typical of Pauillac, but really not quite as expressive of the appellation as we might hope for. If I were to sum up what the wines of this era were lacking in a single word, it would be vigour. For wines from a classed growth estate they don’t seem to display the definition and shape that many of their peers do.

Vintages since the turn of the century, however, do seem to hold more promise, and this may reflect the presence of Philippe rather than Emile Castéja at the helm.

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