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Taking a Break

I am taking a break from Winedoctor posts this week (meaning the week beginning Monday 10th February). Instead I will be spending more time with my family (which sounds a little like politician-speak for retirement in disgrace, I know) and hopefully having some fun with my children; the first item on the agenda will almost certainly be trying to remember their names.

I suspect the break will do me good (I think I need it after a tiring Salon des Vins de Loire followed up by an even more tiring stomach bug last week) and I will return with normal updates on Monday 17th February.

As I have stated in previous posts (somewhere!), in terms of my Loire profiles and updates I will try to concentrate on the Central Vineyards first. But I have also used my spare time over the past week to crack on with my Bordeaux guide, and so I will began updating that again next weekend also (I reached an impasse with Margaux – I will have to write about why I got stuck another day, as it is an interesting tale that relates to the importance placed upon having the right terroir). I am looking forward to finishing that as not only will it mean the completion of what is (I think) the most comprehensive guide to Bordeaux online, it means I can then slowly begin working my way though the appellations of the Loire.

It has always been an aim of mine to give the Loire the same treatment that other more obsessed-over regions (i.e. Bordeaux and Burgundy) receive. It is a source of a complex array of fascinating wines, and yet so often it is disregarded as a region that produces “crisp summer-drinking whites” and “light and fruity reds for early drinking”, both statements being very short of the full picture. As such my profiles are as detailed as possible, and I includes a much history as possible (often not much though!) where available, just as I do for my Bordeaux châteaux profiles. My Loire vintage guides include detailed weather reports as well as notes on harvest and the wines. And I also believe the wines deserve to be reviewed as expensive Bordeaux and Burgundy are reviewed, praised as appropriate, but also criticised when they deserve it. To do otherwise as a critic would be pointless; the region needs a critic to take it seriously, not a ‘cheerleader’. My Loire guide will therefore be detailed but also broad, covering every possible aspect of the Loire and its wines.

But that’s for the future. For now, have a good week, and I will be back here next Monday.

3 Responses to “Taking a Break”

  1. Enjoy!

  2. You certainly deserve a break – the depth and regularity of your work on the site shows a huge amount of effort.

    I’ll enjoy reading more about the Loire. Ever since I got into wine I’ve only really focused on Bordeaux. But I’m trying to move a bit beyond that. Just recently one of the vintners I buy from sent me an offer for Mas de Daumas Gassac wines – of course they talked it up, as they always do. So I checked your site and saw you said good things about it. That was enough to persuade me to buy some (6 each of the 2010 and 2012 red). I guess they’ll need a few years in the cellar – but something to look forward to.

    I’m also looking forward to more of your thoughts about en primeur this year. I know it’s not shaping up to be much of a vintage but I like to lay in a few imperials for family occasions and I’ve found it’s hard to get them if you don’t buy EP. So I’ll be basing a lot of my buying decisions on your notes…

  3. Thanks Justin and David.

    It’s a long time since I have taken a look at mas de Daumas Gassac, but the wines were often good, in white as well as red. They were one of those domaines, a little like Musar, that I used to add regularly to the cellar, but I ultimately stopped doing it as I just can’t buy everything.

    David, obviously I have to taste the wines before commenting on the quality of the wines, but I don’t think there will be a large market for Bordeaux 2013 (something of an understatement I think!) and so you shouldn’t have to worry about allocations of your Imperials.