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Bordeaux 2013: Vincent Bernard, Le Gay

I pulled up at Le Gay dead on time and Vincent Bernard (pictured below), technical director for Domaines Péré-Vergé appeared on the steps of the château before I had even turned off the ignition. Two minutes later we were inside, and Vincent was pulling the corks on all his 2011s. Once we had finished working though those wines, I steered the conversation towards the 2013 vintage.

Me: Please tell me about the 2013 vintage and harvest.

Vincent: This has been a vintage marked by rain and high humidity. This was the case during the spring, and as a result the flowering was impaired. Therefore we had a lot of coulure, and the harvest will be very small as a result.

Vincent Bernard, Château Le Gay, October 2013

Again at harvest time we had rain, and there was a need for a lot of selection. We started picking on October 1st, and finished on October 11th. We carried out a our first selection among the vines, and then a further selection after the fruit had arrived at the chai. This is very important in this vintage.

A few parcels were hit by botrytis near the end of the picking, and we carried out a berry-by-berry selection in order to get the best quality fruit, using intact rot-free berries. The selection at La Violette was meticulous, with sorters going over individual berries before the fruit went into the fermentation vats with dry ice (Vincent showed me some pictures of the La Violette sorters seated around small tables and chairs, which looked as though they had been requisitioned from the local primary school, each sorter picking over individual berries).

The yields will be very low, but I am unsure of the figures at the moment.

My thanks to Vincent for his time. After leaving Le Gay I turned right, and headed for Château Lafleur, an exhausting drive which lasted all of about 15 seconds. Well, that’s Pomerol for you.

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