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Bordeaux 2013: Laurent Savovitch-Vuk, Montrose

After a flying visit to Cos d’Estournel (after my visit to Calon-Ségur) during which I managed to claw back a little time on my schedule, I headed down the road to Château Montrose. After a short wait I met up with the maitre de chai Laurent Savovitch-Vuk. This was the first time I recall sitting down for a tasting with Laurent (although I think I may have met him very briefly before, during the primeur tastings). Sadly, I forgot to take a photograph of Laurent.

We started by tasting the 2011s, as per my other visits, before I managed to grab a few words from Laurent on the 2013 vintage.

Me: Please tell me about the 2013 vintage and harvest.

Laurent: The 2013 vintage has been more difficult for the Merlots than it has been for the Cabernets. Our Cabernets certainly show better quality.

We have an exceptional terroir here, on the gravelly plateau, and on the heart of the plateau we have planted Cabernet. With these vines we achieved a good maturity, and I am happy with the quality.

Château Montrose, April 2013

We didn’t have a big problem at flowering (in this I think Laurent and Montrose have had a rare experience, as most estates report difficulty at flowering, and despite this the yields – see below – are as low here as elsewhere). Besides, the vines have to suffer for a great wine.

There was botrytis here at the end of the growing season. Even so, when the botrytis arrived we had no need to wait any further because as far we were concerned the fruit was sufficiently concentrated. We picked, and obtained a yield of 25-26 hl/ha for the Merlot, and 30 hlha for the Cabernets (these are both comparable to the data presented at other estates). But the quality is better in the latter.

The meeting was conducted in French and any inaccuracies will be entirely my fault for not listening harder to my French teacher. My thanks go to Laurent for his time, graciously given, and my apologies for forgetting to take a photograph. The meeting over, I hopped into my hire car, and headed for Château Palmer, in the appellation of Margaux. I’ll make my next 2013 report from here.

These early Bordeaux 2013 reports are essentially funded by Winedoctor subscribers, the first purpose of this latest trip to Bordeaux having been to taste 2011s for a forthcoming report on that vintage. If you find these reports interesting, please consider taking out a subscription to Winedoctor.

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