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Bordeaux 2013: Baptiste Guinaudeau, Lafleur

It’s a one-minute walk from Le Gay to Lafleur, both properties sitting just to the north of Petrus, the latter two châteaux firmly on the Pomerol plateau, Le Gay just on the edge as it slopes down to the Barbanne. It’s about fifteen seconds by car. I pulled up and was greeted by Sylvie Guinaudeau; we spoke for a while about work at Lafleur and Grand Village, their estate in Fronsac, and we also talked of their holiday in Scotland last year. The Guinaudeau family sell some of their used barrels to one of Scotland’s leading whisky distilleries, Bruichladdich, who make a series of whisky releases from various top Bordeaux estates including Latour, Lafite-Rothschild, Yquem, Haut-Brion, Lafleur and others under their First Growth label, and so they were delighted to be able to visit the distillery.

Before long Baptiste Guinaudeau appeared, and we went inside to the living room of the château where he and his wife reside (Jacques and Sylvie live at Grand Village). After tasting the 2011s, grand vin and second wine, as well as the 2012 (a bonus!), talk turned to 2013. As with quite a few of these Bordeaux 2013 reports the meeting was conducted in French, and I have translated Baptiste’s words; I hope I have got it all correct!

Me: Please tell me about the 2013 vintage and harvest.

Baptiste: In a vintage such as 2013 vintage you need everything nicely organised, otherwise you end up in big trouble.

There was a lot of rain during the winter and spring, although this wasn’t a real problem here as our soils can absorb a lot of water.

Baptiste Guinaudeau, Château Lafleur, October 2013

Thereafter we saw unfavourable weather during spring, in particular May was 3ºC colder than normal. As a result flowering was impaired, although we were not hit as bad as some other domaines. There was a reduction of about 20% in the Merlots.

Thereafter late spring and early summer had some better weather, with June and July both hot, and the rest of the summer remained hot and dry. August was very sunny, and it was a little like 2008 in some ways, a vintage that was somewhere between Bordeaux and Burgundy.

I don’t have firm information on yields yet, the Merlots are down, but not dramatically so. As for how the wine tastes, we will see at the primeurs.

I left Baptiste before I would have liked to, as another appointment was looming. Happily I managed to squeeze in a taste of that 2012 Lafleur before I left for my appointment with Denis Durantou at Château L’Église-Clinet, from where I will file my next report.

These early Bordeaux 2013 reports are essentially funded by Winedoctor subscribers, the first purpose of this latest trip to Bordeaux having been to taste 2011s for a forthcoming report on that vintage. If you find these reports interesting, please consider taking out a subscription to Winedoctor.

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