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Off to The 2013 Salon

It’s February, and so it must be Salon time!

The annual Salon des Vins de Loire is, quite simply, one of the most fascinating tasting events of the year. InterLoire, for all their faults, do an immmense good in bringing together some of the top vignerons of the Loire Valley for this annual tasting bash which fills the Parc Expo exhibition centre on the outskirts of Angers. I am delighted to see that, despite some doubts about its continued existence a few years ago, this event continues on an annual basis. It is without a doubt a hugely valuable opportunity for the trade and the press to get to grips with the wines of the region; wines are written about, deals are done, and sales are made as a result.

This year’s Salon is on the 4th, 5th and 6th of February, and I will be there. Thanks to a shift in train times from Angers to Paris I will be able to spend more time there on the Wednesday (in previous years I have had to leave at midday – this year I will be there until the bitter end), so I expect to return with notebooks brimming with more information, reviews and notes than ever before. That’s if my feet and palate hold up…..

Thierry Puzelat

A particular joy of the Salon is the build up of other events around it. I’m just heading for the airport now, so will get there Friday evening. A bit early for a Monday morning start, wouldn’t you say? Well, on Saturday I will be at the Renaissance tasting in Angers; this used to be called Renaissance des Appellations, then when they realised they didn’t like the appellation system it became Reniassance des Terroirs I think. I’m not sure what it’s called now; it could be Renaissance des Renaissances, for all I know. Whichever it is, this is where I get to grips with the latest vintages from Mark Angeli, Richard Leroy, Thierry Puzelat (pictured above) and others.

Saturday evening is time for Pierre-Bise, Bergerie and Ogereau I hope; we have met up like this in past years, but I’m unsure of this year’s arrangements – we shall see. If not, no worries, I will pick them up at the Salon. Then on Sunday I’m off to La Dive Bouteille, another tasting of non-adherents to the InterLoire machine where I hope to pick up a few domaines missing from my Loire profiles. Off the top of my head I’m thinking of André-Michel Brégeon and Marc Pesnot (both Muscadet) but I haven’t had time to do the research – I must check out who will be there!

Then, three days at the Salon; Pépière, Hureau, Huet, Vacheron. And maybe one or two others.

For this reason, I won’t be making any regular updates to the site from Saturday to Wednesday, and my next post (more on Bordeaux 2010, surprise, surprise) will be on Thursday 6th. I will make some blog posts to let you all know what I’m up to. Happy drinking all!

2 Responses to “Off to The 2013 Salon”

  1. Dear Chris,
    Great to hear you will be at the Loire salon! We hope to be able to welcome you at our stand, we’re at M 278 in the Grand Palais.
    We’ll be presenting our Réserve 2009 (Commended at Decanter & the International Wine Challenge), Réserve 2010 (Coup de Coeur in the 2013 Guide Hachette and we hope will shortly be recognised elsewhere), Sélection 2009 (RVF best priced wines), Selection 2010 (Commendation at the IWC). We’ll also have our new special vintage made from the press wine of the 2009 vintage, aged for 24 months in oak casks that have been used for two/three wines before. This is an exceptional wine that we hope is going to get people as excited as we are!!!
    Send me a email if you’d like any further info.
    Have a great trip over and we look forward to hopefully seeing you there!
    Sébastien du Petit Thouars

  2. I’ll see you there! Bonne dégustation!