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Planned and Completed Updates

I thought I should just make a brief post to inform readers as to forthcoming updates, with particular relevance to St Emilion.

Over the last year I have spent a lot of time in Bordeaux, not just for the primeurs but also on subsequent visits during the summer and in October as harvest kicked off. On several of the visits I focused on Sauternes, and built up a database of images for the region. On the back of that, I updated and expanded all my Sauternes profiles, from my eight-page examination of Yquem down to lesser-known châteaux such as the recently profiled Liot.

For the moment that’s it; although I have some notes on Partarrieu and Romer du Hayot to add, I will get around to adding these château profiles as and when I can. Now it is time to move on, and I’ve started with Pessac-Léognan this week, with an update and expansion of my Smith-Haut-Lafitte profile. This is in fact part of a programme of updates and new profiles that will eventually cover as much of Bordeaux in as much detail as is possible, and not just the pricy grand cru classé estates, but also better value châteaux; that’s why I’ve been adding profiles like Bauduc, L’A, La Croix Lartigue, d’Aiguilhe and the like (with more to come).

La Mondotte, upgraded in the 2012 St Emilion classification

And eventually I will get around to St Emilion. At present I’m aware that many of profiles tended towards obsolescence with the St Emilion reclassification having finally been ratified this week, (and some châteaux such as La Mondotte (above) and Valandraud (below) still need to be profiled in the first place). I have been keeping more up to date in recent months, making weekend updates to ensure profiles remain relevant – today’s
Pichon-Lalande update is one such example. Nevertheless, rather than hurriedly insert a reference to the latest reclassification into each pre-existing St Emilion profile, I have decided I will leave them as they are for now, and subject each one to a more thorough update/expansion/rewrite as required once I have done updating Pessac-Léognan. The fact that my database of images includes a huge number of St Emilion personalities and estates is another reason for taking this route; I want to add these to my many profiles. I have, however, extensively updated my guide to the St Emilion classification, and I have also updated the left-hand manu that accompanies every St Emilion profile to reflect the new listing.

Valandraud, upgraded in the 2012 St Emilion classification

As for the Loire, I will continue to add some updates based on my tastings earlier this year, and will probably begin some more significant overhauls of the more detailed profiles early next year, when I have had a chance to visit the region once again.

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