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Lafite Picks

I’ve been here in Bordeaux for a few days – it’s a multipurpose trip, and I’ve been very busy doing other things Monday and Tuesday, hence the lack of posts since the weekend. Sorry! I have managed to swing by at a number of estates though, whenever there was a free moment. Even by just doing this I have managed to catch sight of a lot of picking activity.

On the better terroirs, fruit is already coming in; these will all be Merlots at this stage, the Cabernets (Sauvignon and Franc) will come in later. So up and down the Haut-Médoc there are harvesters everywhere. At Beychevelle there are signs telling drivers to slow down because there are large numbers of pickers crossing the road between château and vineyard. At Mouton-Rothschild, every spare corner of land around the estate has a camper-van parked on it, housing hundreds of pickers waiting for the starting gun to be fired. And there are coaches trundling up and down the D2, not full of tourists (well, one I saw was) but full of pickers being driven out to the next vineyard to be worked.

Picking at Lafite, October 2012

And they are picking at Lafite-Rothschild – this vineyard is just alongside the D2, as you head out of Pauillac up towards Cos d’Estournel.

Picking at Lafite, October 2012

Pickers fill buckets, which are emptied into the yellow hods, which are then tipped into a trailer ready for transport back to the cellars. On closer inpection the berries look (and taste) generally very good – although I have seen a few shrivelled berries I haven’t noticed any issues with rot or otherwise.

Hopefully today, with a little more free time on my hand now, a look at Pomerol or Pessac. Wherever the road takes me……!

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