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For the third time this year I’m off to Bordeaux. I spent a week there during the primeurs tasting the 2011 vintage, and another three weeks there during the summer visiting several estates including Lafleur (pictured below), Tertre-Roteboeuf, Bauduc and a few others (for which profiles are yet to be published/updated). This time I’m returning for a multitude of reasons – a rare example of killing four birds with one stone.

First and foremost, and not of much interest to readers, I have a personal project I’m working on which will keep me busy Monday and Tuesday. So I’m not sure I will get much visiting or tasting done on those two days, but I do have an appointment at the mairie in Pauillac on Monday afternoon so who knows, maybe I’ll get some ‘drive-by’ photographs of Grand-Puy-Ducasse (which is right next-door to the mayoral office in the centre of Pauillac) to add to my image bank.

Second, I have some visits arranged on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and as I did during my summer visit I have a mix of famous and not-so-famous estates lined up. The former group includes the likes of Sociando-Mallet and Phélan-Ségur.

Château Lafleur

Third, unlike my October visit in 2012 (which was a little later in the month) this time I should catch a little of the harvest. Last year the fruit was brought in fairly early, and for various reasons my visit began on or around October 22nd or 23rd, if I recall correctly. On a re-run of 2010 this would have matched perfectly the Sauternes harvest (which was what I was hoping for), but in 2011 I managed to miss even that! This year, however, although the whites are all in, the reds won’t start with the Merlots until next week at the earliest. The Sauternais are sitting tight at present.

Fourth, there are one or two 2011 tastings I would like to make or repeat. I’m struggling to fit this in around my other commitments though, but Ideally I would like to squeeze in Latour, Ducru-Beaucaillou and Calon-Ségur.

Anyway, here’s hoping. Whatever happens, I will be busy, and so I’m going to suspend the main site updates next week, but I will post on my blog most days, with notes on my visits and hopefully a few pictures of the 2012 harvest.

5 Responses to “Bordeaux-Bound!”

  1. Hello
    Won’t be coming in the right bank ?
    Best R.

  2. Hello. Yes, but only briefly. I focused on the right bank during the summer, in St Emilion, Pomerol, Castillon and Fronsac, so will spend more time on the left bank this visit. But there are a couple of minor properties in St Emilion and Montagne St Emilion I will be visiting towards the end of the week.

  3. Thanks for making me feel great there Chris,

    you get to go to Bordeaux wine tasting and I’m stuck working in Saudi this week. Any prizes for guessing where I’d rather be ?.


  4. Sorry Richard – best you don’t read my blog posts over the next day or two then! 🙂

    Enjoy Saudi – I’m sure it’s fun. Best wishes, Chris

  5. Hi Chris,
    it depends on what you mean by fun, if you enjoy spending 4 hrs stood waiting to get through immigration as a first ( and probably last time ) visitor, then its a riot :). However it is 38 degrees here which is good, but theres no pool at the hotel which is bad.
    Still I’ll be home tomorrow morning and shall crack open a bottle tomorrow night to celebrate my triumphant return.