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Hello China…and Hong Kong…and…

One of my visits during my three weeks in Bordeaux was to meet Gavin Quinney at Château Bauduc, a Brit who has been turning out good quality and good value red, white and pink Bordeaux for a good few years now. I was keen to see him as I want to try and broaden the Bordeaux coverage on Winedoctor, taking in good value wines from less exalted appellations as well as the top 5% of the estates (the great cru classé estates in St Julien, Sauternes, St Emilion and so on) which we all seem to spend 95% of our time obsessing over.

One question he asked me over lunch threw me a little as I suddenly realised the answer I gave was several years out of date. The query was a simple one; where do Winedoctor readers live? I trotted out the same data as can be found within my sponsor’s information pack, which is “roughly one-third UK, one-third from the rest of Europe, one-third North America”. Other continents, countries and regions – Australia, South America, the African nations especially South Africa, Russia and so on historically contributed a few percent each (hence the “rough” division into thirds).

“What, no China?” came Gavin’s reply. Hmmm, I thought. Time to take a fresh look.

Winedoctor stats aren’t something I usually discuss. I mean, other than me and my advertisers/sponsors, who’s interested? But these statistics are different, for several reasons, not least because it highlights how the world of wine (as well as the appeal of Winedoctor) has broadened.

Now firmly in the lead is North America, accounting for 45% of my readership. Thank you, Americans and Canadians!

But the big change is in second place, with Asian nations now accounting for 23% of my readership. In the lead is China, closely followed by Hong Kong, but there are also readers in South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. If we include India, Japan and the UAE as well (the 23% above does not – I was really looking for countries new to Winedoctor and these aren’t) then the figure climbs even higher. So “您好 !” (I hope that actually means something intelligible) to all new Winedoctor readers in China, and the same to those in Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand!

In third place comes Europe (excluding the UK) with 19%, and fourth the UK with 13%. Put the two together and they come to 32% of course, but being based in the UK I have always analysed these two separately.

All that remains now is for someone to give me a “您好 !” back (and for me to update my advertiser’s information pack…..). Thanks to Gavin for prompting me to do this.

10 Responses to “Hello China…and Hong Kong…and…”

  1. Hello there from Hong Kong. Love your website, in particular found your EP 2011 bdx coverage particularly useful in picking out value. Definitely a must-go-to site for me.


  2. Thanks for mentioning the Canadian connection, you have many fans here.

  3. Hi Daniel and Bob, delighted you are both here! Best wishes, Chris.

  4. Dont forget New Zealand! surely there must be more than me…

  5. I’m sure you’re not alone Alan. But you’re definitely in a minority, I’m afraid to say…

  6. Chris 您好,

    Chinese Canadian from Bristish Columbia. I have been following the wine doctor about 4-5 years, right around the time you put a bit more coverage on Bordeaux (I was actually looking for reviews on Burgundy when I came aross your site). Many of my friends read and value your perspectives.
    Keep up the great work!!

    乾杯 !!!

  7. Thanks Hank – covering both North American and Asian corners there! Welcome, and I’m glad you and your friends find Winedoctor useful. Best wishes, Chris.

  8. 您好 Chris,

    This is Qianli from Beijing China. I have been reading your website for more than a year. Your methodology and your taste, especially the effort of bringing diversity, is greatly appreciated. The website is my first hand guide when comes Loire and certainly other regions of France as well. Thank you! Qianli

  9. Chris,

    A small percentage but you got one reader from Indonesia. Always opened winedoctor first thing when I arrive at the office. I live and worked in Bali, part of a group of wine guys in Bali, so I spread your website like gospel.



  10. Qianli and Eko, thanks, I’m really honoured to have you reading….thanks for those comments, they’re really appreciated! 🙂