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Free Bordeaux book!

I’ve got a few copies of my recently published Pocket Guide to the Wines of Bordeaux tucked under my desk, and I was wondering what to do with them.

It seems only right that I should give these away to visitors to this site.

Reply to this post if you would like me to send you one; I will send a copy to the first five respondents. Once you have posted your reply, I will email you to ascertain your postal address. I can’t do this if you don’t give me your email address, so please make sure you enter it in the appropriate field, correctly typed, when you make your post.

No prizes for the most exotic address. And I’m afraid I will be posting by the cheapest means available (wot a skinflint!), so if you live outside the UK be prepared for a long wait!

Best of luck.

20 Responses to “Free Bordeaux book!”

  1. Would love one!

  2. OK Bob, I will email you.

  3. Dear Chris,

    Thanks for the kind offer; I would like to apply for one copy as well.

    If there is still one left, I will send you my address by email.



  4. Hi Chris, would love to have a copy. Many thanks!

  5. Hi Eriks and CK Chan, will email you both.

  6. Hi Chris – would also appreciate receiving a copy. Very kind of you. I will email you my details.

  7. Hi Chris – very generous of you. Would love a copy.

    Kind Regards

  8. Hi Peter and David, thanks for replying, you can have the final two copies. Sorry to the next people to come along, that’s it for today’s “give-away”! – Chris

  9. I know: I am too late! I’m not going to ask for an extra ‘free’ copy. Perhaps it’s just my Dutch background that tells me that when it is ‘free’ I just cannot jump on the opportunity of getting one – as this only prejudice the Dutch 🙂 But honoustly, what you give me (and all the other readers) is already something that is much more worth than your booklet. It’s your website! Your website is such an interesting place that I often use all my evenings reading and learning. I just started collecting wine and your tasting notes are just a wonderful asset in deciding what to look for.

    Thank you very much!


  10. Hi!

    I agree with Richard Santos Lalleman, we are all winners already, with the website and all. Besides, I already have the book and it´s very good, worth every penny and more.

    Regards, Peter

  11. Peter and Richard, thanks indeed for those comments, they are really gracious and much appreciated.

  12. Gr8 looking book Chris! If u have any more kicking around, I’d love 1. A hardcopy of my ‘goto’ Bordeaux buying & info resource would be awesome

  13. Thanks for those comments Matt. Amazon have them in stock – reduced to just £6.29 now, £4.99 for a Kindle version. Very cheap for all the effort I put in!! 🙂

  14. Hello Chris,

    I just bought it on the day you published this post. I was for business in Copenhagen and found it in a press shop in the airport.
    I must say it is really great!

  15. David, thanks, I really appreciate that feedback. Glad you have enjoyed it.

  16. I would like to have a copy too.

  17. Great to have a copy, I teach about wine here in Peru, at the San Ignacio de Loyola.

  18. Thanks for your interest Dennis and Fernando. Here are some links to Amazon sites for you.

    Amazon (UK) – reduced to £6.29

    Amazon (USA) – unfortunately out of stock as of August 24th – selling too well!

    Amazon (Fr) – €9.13

    It is also available as an iBook.

  19. bob just back from the south west…in love with wines from bordeaux so versatile….will pick up a copy of your book in readiness for my return next summer….incidentally are you familiar with a 2009 red chateau jacquet? under 5 euros…i thought it v good would be interested in an honest view from an expert

  20. Hi Bob, sorry I don’t know Château Jacquet. But I tasted a few basic 2009s, from appellations such as the Bordeaux-Côtes and even generic Bordeaux recently and overall I’ve been impresed. There are lots of great ‘petits vins’ in this vintage.