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Bordeaux Pocket Guide: Now an iBook

At last – I can finally confirm that my little 2012 Pocket Guide to Bordeaux is available as an iBook!

This means that my early promises that the book would be available in both Kindle and iBook versions have come true, and I don’t have to backtrack and apologise for misleading people. Phew! The Kindle version is available from Amazon (obviously!), and is more than a quid cheaper than asking price for the old-fashioned printed-on-paper version. Both can be bought from the UK Amazon site. I would also like to thank Liberace0425 (errr….a pianist, perhaps?) who wrote a very nice review on Amazon, part of which I reproduce here:

The guide contains cut-down info on most major Chateaux as well as Chris’ picks for value etc. I think the vintage guides are very good too and refreshingly honest where most critics get carried away with the hype. It also contains info on the recently released (but disappointing) 2011 en primeur campaign too, so it’s bang up to date, at the time of reviewing anyway. There’s also some info at the back on cellar basics such as storing, buying, serving etc. Again, Chris’s unpretentious style makes these worth reading even if you think you know it all already.

I was also delighted that Jim Budd reviewed the book a few weeks ago. Jim finishes his review with:

Dr Kissack’s Bordeaux guide is attractively produced and well written with his customary trenchant views.

Doctor Kissack? So formal!! 🙂 Formal or not, both reviews are much appreciated.

Anyway, back to the iBooks version, which is readable on an iPad (not iPhones as far as I am aware – but I’m willing to be put straight if I have this wrong). This can be located in iTunes – I found it simply by searching for “kissack bordeaux”.

Just a quick recap on the book; it’s a pocket guide, covering many different aspects of Bordeaux, and isn’t meant to deal with anything in encyclopedic depth, but is meant to be accessible and easy to dip in and out when the reader has a few spare minutes. I hope it’s a suitable primer to the region for those just getting into Bordeaux, as well as including lots of ‘latest news’ for those already familiar with it. More details on the contents can be found in this previous post.

3 Responses to “Bordeaux Pocket Guide: Now an iBook”

  1. I also found this book to be a good read. One to have in the car when you are off to the foire au vins perhaps? I think it will mostly live in the temple of contemplation otherwise. No higher praise necessary I feel. Well done Chris!

  2. Tom, thanks indeed for this feedback, it is very much appreciated!

  3. Dear Chris, Amazon Germany finally managed to deliver the paper version to me last Saturday. I enjoyed reading through it over the weekend (together with having some Clos Marsalette blanc in my glass …). So, congratulations also from an otherwise silent reader of your web pages.