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A New ‘Centre Culturel et Touristique du Vin’ for Bordeaux

The following press release from Domaine Clarence Dillon – in other words Prince Robert of Luxembourg, CEO of this family firm and thus the man in charge of Haut-Brion and La Mission Haut-Brion, of course – describes an ambitious new project to build a cultural centre for wine, at the entrance to the Port of Bordeaux:

The Dillon family and Domaine Clarence Dillon are pleased to join forces with the City of Bordeaux as founding members of the future Centre Culturel et Touristique du Vin

The Centre Culturel et Touristique du Vin, located at the entrance to the Port of Bordeaux, will be open to the public in 2015.

An ambitious and original project, the Centre Culturel et Touristique du Vin will be a major cultural facility of international standing that pays homage to our shared civilisation of wine. An innovative architectural project both in terms of its theme and conceptual design, the Centre will celebrate wine both in its universality and its diversity.

Bordeaux… for millennia a port town benefiting from cultural exchange, trade and the perpetual outreach towards distant civilisations and cultures. Through the Centre Culturel et Touristique du Vin project we celebrate the past while looking towards the future. The city of Bordeaux cements its place as the natural gateway to the global civilisation of wine” declares Prince Robert of Luxembourg, President and CEO of the family firm and great grandson of its founder, Mr Clarence Dillon.

The Dillon family: a long-standing tradition of patronage

For the Dillon family, associated for many years with charities of a humanitarian nature, this commitment to the Centre Culturel et Touristique du Vin project is part of a long-standing tradition of philanthropy and patronage begun over 75 years ago by Mr Clarence Dillon.

Cultural projects: The family’s activities in support of the Bordeaux region include the return to France of Michel de Montaigne’s “Livre de Raison” and the acquisition by the Town Library of a Montesquieu manuscript; Aid was given to the Bordeaux Opera in order to renovate the Théâtre’s Grand Foyer and Painters Room. The company is a proud sponsor of the Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition and the Estivales Summer Music Festival, and the friends of the Opera association, Arpeggio. In 2010, Domaine Clarence Dillon became a patron and founder member of the Bordeaux University Foundation.

Domaine Clarence Dillon and Château Haut-Brion: at the heart of the history of wine

A long while after the introduction of the vine in its fabled soils between 40 and 60 AD, in the 1660s Château Haut-Brion became the birth place of the “New French Claret”, the precursor of fine red wines as we still know them today. Château Haut-Brion can thus be considered the ancestor of the great growths of Bordeaux and its historical relevance is without rival.

Imbued with this prestigious past, it seemed only natural that Domaine Clarence Dillon should want to perpetuate and highlight the heritage of the world’s wine civilisations.

An agreement was thus signed in late December 2011 between the company and the Association for the construction of the Centre Culturel et Touristique du Vin.

Prince Robert of Luxembourg points out that “France remains the most popular tourist destination in the world, Bordeaux the most famous reference for fine wine. As more and more visitors come to discover the exceptional beauty and culture of our city ….this monument to our common civilisation of wine will become the inevitable starting point for any visitor”.

Domaine Clarence Dillon

Created in 1935, the family-owned Company, Domaine Clarence Dillon is privileged to produce four wines of first rate and equal reputation: two red wines and two white wines from Château Haut-Brion and Château La Mission Haut-Brion.

Steeped in close to 2 millenia of history, the family company strives to have its deep heritage reflected in all of the wines produced under its name.

Constantly maintaining a balance of tradition and innovation, in 2005 the company created the Bordeaux Fine Wine Merchant Clarence Dillon Wines and launched Clarendelle, Bordeaux’s first super premium luxury brand wine.

Last summer, the family-owned firm, Domaine Clarence Dillon, was pleased to announce the purchase of a beautiful estate in Saint-Emilion, baptising it Château Quintus. The 2011 vintage of this wine will be presented to trade professionals during the En Primeur tastings held from April 2nd – 6th 2012.

Excellence and elegance are the bywords which have come to define the great wines produced by Domaine Clarence Dillon.

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