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Burgundy Maps

I just received a query by email from a wine student struggling to find decent wine maps for Burgundy. My Burgundy guide includes some grand cru maps, but these are obviously inadequate for someone trying to get a comprehensive overall view of a particular commune.

I made these suggestions:

1. nearly all the major Burgundy texts or recent years/decades (Clive Coates, Jasper Morris, Remington Norman) include such maps. Try local bookshops or Amazon.

2. if you’re actually in Burgundy, call in at Atheneum in Beaune (www.athenaeumfr.com)

3. online options:
(a) http://www.climats-bourgogne.com/en/#/LesClimats
(b) http://www.vinotopia.be/maps/ (Vinotopia – needs Google Earth – never tried it myself)

4. Shop online for maps:

Does anyone have any better resources? Do please add by commenting below if so.

4 Responses to “Burgundy Maps”

  1. If he does not want to splurge on a text, he can find the major commune maps on Bill Nanson’s website Burgundy Report:

    For Vosne Romanee in particular, Meadow’s recent book, ‘The Pearl of the Cote’ has a fine map or two as well.

  2. Thanks Rick, good thoughts.

  3. Burgundy is actually a region where maps aren’t that hard to get.
    Here’s a GREAT source:

    I wish there were maps like this for Bordeaux

  4. Thanks Juan, I will check that link out.