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2011 Winedoctor Label Quiz

Here’s my 2011 Label Quiz answers pages – please feel free to post you answers (and guesses!) below.

If you haven’t seen the quiz yet, then no cheating by looking at everybody else’s answers! Take a look at the labels first, here.

I’ll respond to comments here as often as possible.

As promised in the introduction to my quiz, I will post the answers here on December 17th.

25 Responses to “2011 Winedoctor Label Quiz”

  1. 2 seems Climens, 4 Cotat’s Monts Damnes, 6 Fontodi Flaccianello.

    11 Chianti, 12 Mosel

  2. Great Luca, thanks for starting us off!

    You got four out of your five answers right. That is Chianti in number 11; care to take a stab at which village that is on the hilltop though? 🙂

  3. Number 12 not the Mosel, just to be clear.

  4. 3. Pichon lalande
    8. clos des papes


  5. Well done Lars, another two down. We’re halfway already. I note that it is the Loire wines – apart from Cotat’s Monts Damnés cuvée – that are causing the most difficulty though.

  6. 5. Les Cailloux du Paradis Racines

    I’m still searching 🙂

  7. 11. Montalcino and 12. Hermitage?

    I like this game.

  8. 1. Foreau Vouvray Moelleux, Naudin

  9. Flippin’ heck Ciprian, well done! That is one that I thought would go unanswered. Now that one has gone surely all 12 will fall!

    Daniel, good work, you have number 12 and number 1 correct, well done! Number 11 is not an appellation per se, and is within the Chianti zone, and is one of the best known villages…but perhaps only to Chianti geeks. 🙂

  10. If I’m right, that only leaves 7, 9 and 10, and the Chianti village. You people are too good at this!

  11. 7. André-Michel Brégeon Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Gorges

    It’s a hard game but it’s a lot of fun 🙂

  12. Hmm, is it Brolio in Chianti?

  13. 10. Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume

    Damn, that was a hard one!

  14. Ciprian, it looks like you are doing all the hard yards for the others here. I don’t think you need me to tell you that you have 7 and 10 correct.

    Just number 9 left. I thought my quiz would survive a little longer than this. Well done though! 🙂

    Oh, and the Chianti village too. Not Brolio I’m afraid.

  15. Chris, unfortunately, no. 9 is out of my hand 🙁

  16. Number 9, something to do with Lopez de Heredia in Rioja, Vina Tondonia Blanco perhaps?

  17. That’s right, Colin! Well done 🙂

  18. Cheers Ciprian. I’m going to venture Vertine for the Chianti village as I’m, coincidentally, drinking some 09 Pian de Ciampolo from Montevertine at present.

  19. Cheers, Colin. The problem with the Tuscan hills is that many of them look about the same, if photographed from a certain angle 🙂

  20. Well done Colin! Number 9 is Lopez de Heredia.

    With these wines having such appeal I was expecting this label to be identified earlier, but my extreme close-up of the label perhaps made it a little more difficult than I realised.

    As you have all done so well on the labels, and correctly identified number 12 as a view from the hill of Hermitage, I’ll come clean on the Chianti village – it’s Panzano in Chianti, visible in my guide to Chianti Classico.

  21. The first picture is Sancerre, the second in taken from the top of the mountain on Hermitage, in the northern Rhone.

  22. The first picture is taken near Chavignol looking back at Sancerre. The second is taken from near the top of Hermitage in the northern Rhone.

  23. Richard, you have Hermitage correct. But 12 is not Sancerre – although I know it does look very much like it.

    Impressed that you’re still plugging away at this, and well done for not looking at everybody’s answers higher up the page! 🙂

  24. Chris, the label quiz is fun, thanks for doing it every year. any “wine in context “coming up?

  25. Thanks Luca

    Yes to Wine in Context, next Tuesday!