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Coming in from the Cold

Welcome to the new Winedr blog!

As from today blogging comes in from the cold, as I have replaced my old Blogger platform with this new blog, fully integrated within Winedoctor. It’s long been my intention to do so – finally I have gotten around to actually doing it.

Early on the old Winedr blog featured a lot of new tasting notes and links through to Winedoctor, but with the passage of time a nagging doubt grew within me that this wasn’t really what blogging was about. Blogging should more spontaneous, honest, provocative, engaging and stimulating (as I wrote in my post, Censorship by Harassment) than that. Dare I say it should be more opinionated?

In recent weeks I have been using the blog to express my opinion, rather than just link through to Winedoctor. There’s been some good debate as a result, which I have really enjoyed. Sometimes I’ve been cheeky (as in Bordeaux: who are you reading?), sometimes more critical (as in Bordeaux: trade down or trade away?) and sometimes I’ve used the blog to increase my understanding, both of wine and my own palate (as in Oxidised Wines: Where’s the ‘Charm’?) often with some success, it has to be said. Debate and discussion is a two-way process, and I’ve learnt from my blogging. It’s been good.

So much so that I have imported all these posts, those that have stimulated debate and which on review seem worthwhile, into my new blog here. Those simply linking back to Winedoctor (as in “today’s update is….”) I haven’t brought here. All the relevant comments have been imported (by hand – not a quick or easy task), and no tasting note has been lost – all have been filed somewhere in the depths of Winedoctor right from the outset. This is important, because I don’t intend leaving my old blog up for all eternity; duplication of content on the internet is probably not a good thing, and I’ll be taking it down rather than leaving it as an archive.

There are a few features that still need tweaking – I won’t bore you with all the details, but I need to make sure the navigation is good (please inform me of any broken links you might find) and it would be good to get some avatars (or gravatars as they seem to be called on WordPress, which is what I am now using) installed – but otherwise we are good to go.

Please feel free to test out the comments (fingers crossed it works!).

17 Responses to “Coming in from the Cold”

  1. Nice one Chris. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the past year and I’m looking forward to reading more here. Keep it up!

  2. Appreciate it Chris,

    anything to make my surfing life easier suits me.

    Love the blog too.


  3. Hi Chris,
    I don’t know if this is the proper area to comment on a story on your main site, but here goes anyway.

    Your recent update on Lafite-Rothschild had one area that peaked my own curiosity into my little wine cellar. Lafite is well out of my price range, but not out of my curiosity so I read your article. The section titled The Lafite Phenomenon mentioned the rediculous high prices paid for even the second wines of the upper tier of chateau’s. I happened to buy a selection of 2nd wines from the 2007 vintage, the price I thought was a little steep; but since I could never afford the 1st wines I thought it worth the cash just to see what being close to greatness tastes like. Now it appears that these wines are worth anything from £100-£200 a bottle.
    This puts me in a odd situation, I personally do not think any wine is worth that much money, its only fermented grape juice afterall. Also, I do not buy wine to speculate, I buy it to drink. But I find it ironic that I now unintentionally finding myself drinking a silly priced wine. I have a feeling that we’ve just passed a era for middle to lower income wine drinkers like myself, even the likes of my 2008 Beychevelle will now be beyond my grasp. Still, there are many countries and area’s that I can afford and are yet still to discover.


  4. Tom, Richard, thanks for those positive comments.

    Richard, I think there are a lot of us who has bought Carruades over the years, seeing it as a decent second wine, only then to be surprised down the road at the value the bottles attained. It was never a vehicle for investors, not until very recently at least.

    Like you I don’t buy wine for investment, but I also have some Carruades and fully intend to sell it, unles the price crashes to a level at which to do so would be pointless. I don’t need the money at present and so I have waited. With a recent softening in prices that might turn out to be not the wisest move I could have made, but I’m in wine for the long haul, and would be quite content hanging on for another ten years and more if required.

    Beychevelle is another that has rocketed in price recently, again due to Asian interest I am told.

    Well, comments seem to be working! 🙂

  5. One day of the new blog, and I’ve had three positive replies (thanks) but twice as much spam (all deleted). My apologies in advance if I have to introduce some anti-spam measures…..

  6. The new blog is a really good move and it works well. Its particularly nice to have everything integrated – the blog is such a good feature that gives your site your own identity. Hope you can find a way to control the spam OK.


  7. Great idea Chris. I’ve found your posts where you expressed your own opinions the most interesting. Glad to see the formalization of moving in that direction!

    What do you say to an “Occupy-Wall-St”esque “Occupy-Chateau-Lafite”?

  8. Hi Andy, good to hear from you, thanks for those comments.

    The spam has been overwhelming – far more than I experienced using Blogger. About 20 spam comments overnight, all deleted.

    For this reason I have now adjusted the comments setting so that a poster’s first ever comment will be held for moderation. Thereafter, once approved, posts can be made as normal. Hopefully with their posts never appearing (rather than appearing and then being deleted by me, which has been the case overnight) the spammers will give up.

  9. Hi Marc. Thanks for that feedback.

    Nice idea – but somehow I don’t think we would receive much sympathetic support from the general public with a sit-in campaigning for cheaper first growth Bordeaux!

    Willing to give a try though! 🙂

    Marc, yours was the first post that went through the moderation process. Hopefully – meaning I hope I have set this up correctly – all your subsequent posts will go straight onto the blog without the need for that to be repeated.

  10. Chris
    I read on wine doctor about Chateau Beaumont was acquired by M Bornnin in 1824 then named it beaumont. I am trying to research more about it as I have a Chateau Beaumont part of a bottle stamped 1815.

  11. Stuart – are you sure it is 1815? Do you have any photos?

  12. Unfortunately the difficulties with Lafite prices don’t garner much pity, do they? But one can hope.

    Stuart, let’s see that picture! Where did you find the bottle?

  13. Chris Could i please forward your email address so i can send the photos to you.

  14. Marc
    It is not a full bottle sadly. It’s just the producers stamp which was made of glass, stuck on the front of the bottle, below the neck then stamped. It was passed down from my grandfather. He fought in world war 1 in france.Probably picked it up there or he maybe had drunk a couple of bottles.

    Size of stamp is 35mm in diameter

    Also i have an other stamped piece (Van den Blrgh & co,
    I can find anything about it.


  15. Chris,

    Great that the blog is now integrated into the main site. Something that does seem to have now gone, which I found a useful feature, was your links to other blogs and the most recent articles posted. Are you planning to include this anywhere in future.

    Keep up the good work.


  16. Hi Matt. Thanks for those comments. There is a Blog Roll in the left-hand menu, although I have juggled them around a bit, discarded some and introduced others in their place.

    As for recent Winedoctor article, they are always linked from the homepage (http://www.thewinedoctor.com) and there is a link there to an rss feed as well so that Winedoctor updates can be followed using a feed reader (or facebook if that is your thing).

    If you were referring to the fact that the old blog roll used to highlight recent articles on other blogs, I haven’t found a way to replicate that at the moment.

  17. Thanks for the response, Chris. Yes, I liked the fact that you didn’t have to click to go to the blog to find out what the most recent article available was. Saved a bit of surfing time! Hopefully you’ll find a solution, but it is nothing that takes away from my enjoyment of your site!