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No Wine of the Week?

No official Wine of the Week this week, as I have been too busy in Bordeaux to even stop to write up my weekend’s drinking. Nevertheless, were I to choose one wine from the weekend, it would have to be the 1947 Bonnezeaux from Chateau de Fesles that I tasted, and then drank with pleasure, on Saturday evening,

How I came to be drinking Bonnezeaux in Bordeaux will be revealed when I write up the tasting; suffice to say for now that the 1947 was the icing on the cake of a very good tasting, that also took in the 1924, 1930 and a number of other vintages from the 1950s, 1970s and 1980s. I am looking forward to writing this tasting up, as soon as I return to the UK…in good time.

Yesterday, a tour around Sauternes and Barsac; there isn’t a single chateau in these two appellations that I haven’t now crawled over, investigated and photographed. The day was crowned by a tasting at Raymond-Lafon, a seriously under-rated property in my opinion. Proprietor Jean-Pierre Meslier was as genial as ever, showing me around the property first, followed up by a tasting of several recent vintages, back to the 1998. Again, all will be written up in good time.

Today, Monday, adventures in St Julien and Margaux await.

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