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Another Day, Another Bordeaux

Another busy day in Bordeaux yesterday (Monday) with visits to Talbot, Siran and Brane-Cantenac, with plenty of touring, and photographing in-between. Sadly unlike Sunday, the weather was really miserable. Whereas my Sauternes Sunday was marked by warm temperatures (22ºC – almost unheard of in Scotland – that’s where I live by the way – and a temperature I describe as ‘hot’) today was cool, damp and grey, and it bucketed down at times. The Bordelais were out in jackets on Sunday, whereas I was wearing a light sweater. On Monday, enduring weather which seemed reminiscent of your average Scottish summer (the Scottish summer is usually on a Thursday afternoon at an unexpected moment – often April or September), I was attired the same, whereas my guides came out with yesterday’s jacket plus scarf, hat and umbrella. They’re wimps, these Bordeaux folk.

Highlight of the day has to be Brane-Cantenac, with a three-hour visit taking in the vineyards, cellars, and an eleven-vintage vertical starting with a 2010 barrel sample and going right back to 2000, plus a barrel sample of the 2011 Carmenere, a new project for Brane Cantenac. It was a hugely instructuve tasting and visit, and one that will certainly facilitate a re-evaluation of Brane-Cantenac. My thanks to Christophe, technical director, and Maria for showing me around.

I have lots of photographs but the software I have to hand is too ropey to get them online. So another time…..I have taken about 750 photographs in the last two days, so I’m sure one or two will make it onto Winedoctor.

Today, Phélan-Ségur, Lafon-Rochet, Mérignac airport and home. Until the next time….

2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Bordeaux”

  1. It was a pleasure having you in Brane!! Christophe and I really enjoyed meeting you, it’s not always easy for us technicians to welcome the media but it was a treat with you!
    Looking forward to your notes!

  2. Hi Maria. Thanks for your message, and thanks for your time on Monday, I greatly appreciate it.